Family Photo Friday


 The end of August has arrived. Can you believe it?! Good-bye, Summer! Welcome, Fall!

Here are a few photos from the last week or so.

Family Game Night. Jenga. Fun.

My son, opposed to playing Jenga but very interested in building his own block tower!

Here was my daughter doing some reading for school. The garden is just off to the right in this picture. She grabbed a cucumber and started munching on it while reading. Love her.

My daughter had her friend Kat over one day. They played outside almost all day - riding bikes, catching bugs in a jar, spraying each other with the hose. 

Here's my daughter with another friend, Britney, who spent a day with us. Britney was fascinated by two things - our pet bird and our dress-up clothes. She spent A LOT of time trying to get Weezy used to her, able to sit on her finger, etc. And she spent HOURS wearing the dress-upIndian garb, insisting that she keep it on during supper ("we'll pretend that I'm an Indian joining you white men for the Thanksgiving feast") and also while she was outside playing. I did put my foot down when we made a trip to the grocery store... but she went back to it as soon as we returned home. Silly kids.

Happy Friday to you!


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