Family Photo Friday


Friday is here again. Yahoo! 

Friday means posting family photos, so here are a few shots from our week. 

One day this week my son and I were reading a book together on the couch. I heard a loud truck coming down the street, we looked out the window just in time to watch an oversize-load semi truck SMASH our mailbox! 
(Ours is on the left in the picture) 
My son started crying, while I raced into action. I caught the company name from the side of the truck and immediately called their headquarters. I grabbed a few photos of the mailbox. I walked down the block to the neighbors who are having a new driveway poured and I sought out a company representative to explain this situation to. Within 24 hours, they had replaced it with a brand new mailbox. Way to go, Rieth Riley!

Here's my son being a big helper again. He loves to work with Dad on anything and everything. He also loves to work outside, so when Dad heads out to work on the compost pile in the backyard, my son gladly follows. I love my son's (and husband's) work ethic and desire to jump in and help get things done!

Last weekend my daughter enjoyed a day at camp, compliments of Girl Scouts. This was a free day that she earned because she sold 400+ boxes of cookies during the annual cookie sale. Here she is with 2 of the other girls from our troop who were part of "The 400 Club."  They traveled about 2 hours away to this camp, so they also enjoyed eating out on the way and again on the way home. At the camp, they enjoyed a bounce house, a zip line, go karts and many other fun activities - all free for them.

Daddy continues to work on this homemade doll house for my daughter. You can see it's really coming along. Stairs and walls are in. I think some carpeting and paint/wall paper is next.

Here's the whole gang helping clean up supper dishes. I always appreciate their help, as it goes SO much faster than if I do it all myself.  

My husband took this picture to remind us of how my son LOVES to eat waffles for breakfast each morning (or as often as I'll allow him to).  He can now eat 3 full waffles all by himself. He's one hungry guy in the morning!

My daughter had her friend Kat over for a play date. Dress-up is a favorite activity, so she, Kat and my son all got in on that.  

Happy Friday to you! 
Seize the day!


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