Garden Update


Bountiful harvest. 
That's the only way to describe our garden at this stage. 

Our tomatoes are starting to turn red. Picking those is a wonderful job for my son - "only pick the ones that are red." 

My kids (and niece Isabelle, in this picture) help pick some of the goodies.

Every few days we harvest about 6 cups of green beans and anywhere from 6 to 12 cucumbers. The green peppers are also doing well, getting about fist-sized.

Our sweet corn is just getting ready to pick - we enjoyed some deliciously sweet ears last night for supper. Our cantaloups are just about ripe, but not quite yet. There's still a little green behind the webbing... when that's gone is when it's ripe.

Last Saturday my daughter and niece (age 10) set up a veggie stand in the yard to sell the cucumbers and peppers to passers-by. They made $16! We may have to go into business selling our veggies! 

At this point, my biggest tip for next year's garden - make it bigger! Everything seems to be on top of each other at this stage. It makes it harder to find the veggies, most of which are hidden under leaves. We'll see about setting aside more of our yard for the garden in 2013.


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