Toddler Girl: 15 Months


My toddler is now 15 months old. 
Each day holds such fun and discovery at this stage!

This girl picks up on everything. She's watched me dry dishes once in a while. One day she found a towel and a bowl and started drying that bowl like a pro! 

She's started using a fork and a spoon while eating. She does well with them both now.

This girl is a fashionista. She loves to have "pretties" in her hair and to drape anything (cloth napkin, towel, scarf, daddy's socks, etc) around her shoulders or on her head. I didn't get a shot of her with this scarf on, but she was about to put it on her head and laugh. 
Such fun she has!

She enjoyed an enormous cucumber one day recently, walking all around the house with it. She finished the entire thing! She's a great eater in general.

Since this little miss started being mobile, we've kept doors closed throughout the house. This has kept her out of the bathroom and bedrooms, including her own bedroom. Recently, I've begun to let her explore her room more. She loves to check it out, but the best part is opening and closing the door. 

Brother enjoys looking at books with little sister. He is a beginner reader, so it's fun for me to watch him try to read a book to her. Unfortunately, her attention span is about 2 pages!

Thank you, Lord, for the joy and delight children bring into our lives! 

Pregnancy Update: Week 14


Pregnancy Update: 14 weeks along 

We have made it through the first trimester of pregnancy! This is especially encouraging, because the chances of miscarriage lower dramatically after the first trimester. Yeah!

Highlights of this week: 

1) I was able to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time. There's nothing as reassuring to this mama's ears as that beautiful swoosh-swoosh-swoosh sound!

2) The morning sickness is easing up! I feel less queasy. I'm also sleeping better at night and having a little more pep during the day. These are all good signs of getting through that first trimester and into the second trimester. 

How thankful I am for the privilege of carrying this little one! Thank you, God!

Pregnancy Update: Week 13


Pregnancy update: 13 weeks along 

My morning sickness remains. I have figured out, though, that if I never let my stomach get empty, I feel better. So I eat little bits more often and it helps. Yeah!

I really liked the above quote, especially during these weeks of morning sickness. I know how easily it would be to wish away these weeks... but instead I choose to cherish them. Being pregnant is a privilege - one I've been denied in the past. Because of that, my perspective is different and I cherish each day, week and month that I am able to house a miracle inside my body! 

I still feel more tired than normal. I am often awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night. One night this week there was a three-hour stretch, where I got up and did dishes, ate a snack and read a book for an hour. 

Next week is my second routine OB appointment. Hopefully we'll be able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. 

We've come up with the in-utero name Inkling for this little one. We love you tons already, Inkling!

Family Photo Friday


Here's a sneak peek into our week. 

My hubby and youngest daughter were wearing pretty pastel colors to church on Sunday. Bring on spring! 

My son lost his other front tooth this week so he has a new smile to show off.

Here's my oldest and my youngest, having fun together. Oh how the little one loves horsey rides these days.

My oldest daughter recently discovered string games like Cat's Cradle. Here she's showing Cat Whiskers.

Happy Friday, y'all!

Middle Child


My son. My middle child.

Ever since the birth of my now 15-month-old girl, I've struggled with the feeling that my son is slipping through the cracks. 

My oldest daughter knows how to speak up for what she wants/needs and does so easily. She's a preteen girl and words come easily to her. She knows how to get my attention pretty quickly.

And my baby girl knows how to speak up for what she wants/needs... not with words, but with cries and fits. She makes her needs known and she's not very patient about waiting for them to be fulfilled! She too knows how to get my attention. She's a squeaky wheel...

And that leaves my son. He's 7 now. He's a boy. He's physical, not social. He doesn't like to "do school" (at least not the "book work" part of it). He likes to play. He's ok by himself for long periods of time. He will gladly run off to his room and lose himself in Lego creations for hours. If I don't make it a point to call him back to where I am, to interact with him, to include him, he falls through the cracks. 

When my toddler was just born, my son dealt with some anger and aggression issues. Those have faded with time and he's adjusted well to having a little sister around. But, perhaps part of that adjustment has been him learning that he can slip away and be unseen and un-noticed. I fear that he may also then feel unwanted or un-needed. 

Since realizing this recently, I am making a greater effort to interact with my son. I'm saying "not now" less often and coming immediately when he wants to show me something. Instead of "maybe later," I drop what I'm doing and make him a priority whenever possible. I am making school with him a greater priority - not letting it slide as much as I have in the past. 

Each birth-order position has its advantages and disadvantages. Being a middle child seems to be the hardest spot, though. And I certainly don't want my boy to fall through the cracks or to feel unwanted in our family. So even though he's not a squeaky wheel, he has needs that must be met. I am thankful that for these insights and a chance to correct my course and spend a little more focused time on my middle child. He's precious to me! 

Pregnancy Update: Week 11


Pregnancy Update: 11 weeks along

I am feeling a lot of morning sickness (which, by the way, is misnamed as it can last ALL DAY LONG). No actual vomiting but just feeling queasy a lot. 

I am tired. Whenever I can make it happen, I take a nap in the afternoon while my toddler naps. 

I have had my first doctor appointment to confirm the pregnancy and do routine bloodwork.