Toddler Girl: 15 Months


My toddler is now 15 months old. 
Each day holds such fun and discovery at this stage!

This girl picks up on everything. She's watched me dry dishes once in a while. One day she found a towel and a bowl and started drying that bowl like a pro! 

She's started using a fork and a spoon while eating. She does well with them both now.

This girl is a fashionista. She loves to have "pretties" in her hair and to drape anything (cloth napkin, towel, scarf, daddy's socks, etc) around her shoulders or on her head. I didn't get a shot of her with this scarf on, but she was about to put it on her head and laugh. 
Such fun she has!

She enjoyed an enormous cucumber one day recently, walking all around the house with it. She finished the entire thing! She's a great eater in general.

Since this little miss started being mobile, we've kept doors closed throughout the house. This has kept her out of the bathroom and bedrooms, including her own bedroom. Recently, I've begun to let her explore her room more. She loves to check it out, but the best part is opening and closing the door. 

Brother enjoys looking at books with little sister. He is a beginner reader, so it's fun for me to watch him try to read a book to her. Unfortunately, her attention span is about 2 pages!

Thank you, Lord, for the joy and delight children bring into our lives! 


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