Little Guy turns 8 Months


This little guy turned 8 months old last week!

This month was HUGE for his appetite. He started the month with just small bites of baby food. He ends the month eating 2 full jars of baby food each day, in addition to dozens of cheerios as a snack.

He still has just two bottom teeth, but the top ones are close to poking through.

He isn't crawling but is very close. He scoots backwards a lot and rolls around to get where he wants to go. He sleeps from about 6pm until 7:30 am, getting up just once for a 2am feeding. He doesn't nap well during the day, though - just two short cat naps and then back into the action that fills our home.

Now that we've had some hints of spring weather, we've enjoyed a few walks outside. He, of course, loves that! It's a whole new world to him.

And he remains such a joy in our home. Here he is being loved on by one of his big sisters. She is a little mama to him.

We love you, big guy! 

Friend Sarah turns 20


Our neighbor/friend Sarah turned 20 last week. So I gave her a pie in the face! :-)  She asked for it, literally!

We don't see as much of Sarah as we used to, as she moved across town last fall. But she still stops by every now and then. And her birthday was one such occasion. 

She brought us cupcakes to enjoy. We sang Happy Birthday to her. And we tried to surprise her with a pie in the face, even though she'd been expecting it.

Happy 20th, Sarah! You are loved!



For Valentine's Day this year I received a gift certificate to the local beauty college that offers hair cuts, massages, manicures, pedicures and such. So my daughter and I enjoy a Girls Day Out together. 

My long hair before, nearly 30 inches long from my scalp to my waist

I got nearly 12 inches chopped off my hair!

I also got an hour-long massage - every mother's dream! :-) 

My daughter's before pictures.

And my daughter got a perm to give her hair some wave. 

Fun morning out together! Thanks, honey, for the gift certificate! It was a wonderful treat!

Christmas, yes, Christmas!


A Christmas post. Yes, Christmas! 
I just received some Christmas photos from the party held at my father's house in Wisconsin. So I'm posting some favorites here to share.

Baby boy met Great-Grandma June for the first time.  

Baby boy with cousin Isabelle

And with Christine

 With Grandpa K

In case it wasn't obvious, baby boy stole the show!

Here's middle brother with Aunt Becky

Big smiles with cousin Trent

A shot of me with my oldest daughter and my dad

We played a huge game of BINGO. My daughter "won" this prize - an old Bingo shirt that Grandma June had made a few decades ago. Snazzy!

We took one huge group photo of the entire extended family. 

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the music. Here I was playing the piano for a Christmas carol sing-along.

Merry Christmas to all... in February! :-)  

Rain Day


We've had massive amounts of rain in Northern Indiana this week, resulting in flooding. But to my 4-year-old girl, all she wants to do is go jump in puddles!


Happy puddle jumping!

Baby Boy is 7 Months Old



This little boy is 7 months old now! 

He is so adorable! Always smiling at up at us!

He has two little teeth on the bottom now.

He remains one of the happiest babies ever!

Here he is sitting with Grandpa R.

He has started eating some baby food now. Still not too keen on it, but is tolerating it.

In the last month, he has moved to his own room. He is sleeping very well now, from around 6pm until 7am waking just once usually. 

He is sitting well now, with just a little support.

He doesn't crawl forward yet, but does scoot himself backwards. It won't be long before he's quite mobile.

We love you, Little Mister! 

My Girl and the Cubes


This oldest daughter of mine has been into MindBenders lately. Last year she solved the Rubiks Cube

For Christmas, she received this 5x5 cube... and solved it last week. 

And she received this 12-sided cube... and solved it this week. 


Christmas 2017


Christmas 2017 has already come and gone. I already posted pictures and commentary on Christmas from each the kids' point of view so here is one last post from my perspective.

We hosted my husband's side of the family at our house, as we've done for quite a few years now. This was a really nice time. Everyone brings a dish or two to share, so I don't have to do all the food prep. Good attitudes prevailed and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

On Christmas Day, we enjoyed a lazy morning. We ended up running out of time to open our gifts as a family before my Dad was arriving. We didn't get any pictures of our family together... and honestly have very few photos of my husband and I these days. If we take any pictures, they are of the kids and even those are getting harder to remember to take regularly!

Here is a shot of me with my mom and 2 of my 3 brothers. 

I was so excited to give my mom this gift - a personalized doormat that says MY GRANDKIDS ROCK and then has each grandchild's name on a rock. A fun gift and I know personalized gifts mean a lot to her. 

This is my mom opening a silly gift that I gave her - a Bob Ross bobblehead. We all love Bob Ross, so I actually bought one for her and one for each of my brothers. This little Bob not only bobbles but speaks a few Bob-isms and came with a mini portfolio of Bob's paintings. So fun. 

Here's our Christmas card photo for this year.

And just for a good laugh, my daughter and hubby photoshopped that portrait and turned us into Bob Ross' family :-) 

Adios, Christmas 2017!