Discipleship and Disciple-Making


Discipleship. It's been on my mind a lot over this last year. 

I think it's normal for everyone to go through seasons of life when they feel dry, spiritually. It feels like winter. And then there are other seasons when one feels more spiritually awake, in tune, fresh and more spring-like.

It would be abnormal to be stuck in one season for a prolonged amount of time. That is not a sign of good health or life. 

And so it is with my spiritual life, that I can look back over years and see different seasons. 
Seasons of dryness. 
Seasons of zeal. 
Seasons of growth. 
Seasons of hunkering down to survive harsh conditions.
Seasons of new growth. 

I am thankful for a women's Bible study I've been a part of throughout this year. We've studied some excellent material together. 

We did a study on the Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer. 

We also went through a very thought-provoking book by Mary Kassian called Knowing God By Name.

We've been taught how to study the Bible on our own, using a variety of methods to dig deeper into the text. And I've learned new tools for growing my prayer life, which has been very exciting for me. (One "hack" we were taught was to use PRAY as an acronym, to stand for Praise, Repent, Ask and Yield. We've also learned how to wrap our requests in the Scriptures we're already reading. This has truly revolutionized my prayer life in the last 6 months or so). 

Our small groups are committed to discipleship. The goal is to see each member growing in their faith, in their relationship with God, in their spiritual life. 

And the next step is disciple-making. This has always been hard for me, as I am an introvert and am generally quiet. Boldness is not my thing. Speaking up is not my thing. 
Not rocking the boat is my thing! 
So this area too is one where I am growing in my understanding of what is disciple-making all about. I'm seeing my role in my home as more of a disciple-maker than ever before. Jesus had 12 disciples and was with them for about 3 years, pouring into their lives all they needed to know and see lived out. I have 5 little disciples who are learning from me! What a challenge as I consider what I am modeling for them and what I am teaching them during these years. 

So I am appreciative of this current season of new growth, of greater zeal and faith that feels fresh again. 

I am thankful that our Father never gives up on us but is constantly shaping us, molding us more into the image of His Son. 

We wish for instantaneous transformation. 
Instead it's minute-by-minute sanctification. 

Trusting in God's perfect timing and perfect plans. 
Thankful for all He is and all He continues to do...
in us and through us and with us. 

Baby Boy's 9 Month Portraits


Earlier this month, this little one had his 9 month portraits taken. 

He loves to clap, clap, clap!

Baby in a bucket!

This one looks like he's driving a race car! Zoom!

Ready to crawl right to you. He's so very mobile now, though he inch-worms his way around most of the time rather than a true belly-off-the-ground crawl. 

So handsome in a hat.

9 months always makes me think about pregnancy being 9 months long too. So now he's been outside of me for the same amount of time he was inside of me! So much growth happens in these early months, I am always amazed at God's design of child development. Crawling, babbling, eating solid foods, recognizing his own name and familiar faces... there is so much that his little brain has already learned in just 9 months time!

Happy 9 months, little man! 

Little Guy turns 9 Months


This little man is already 9 months old!

It's a challenge now to capture him in a still shot, as he's very mobile! He's crawling and rolling to get where he wants to go.

He is eating like a champ! Started this month taking 2 jars of baby food per day and is now up to 4 jars per day plus as much table food as we'll allow him. He kind of attacks any food we're holding in hands, near to him. 

He got 4 new teeth this month - all 4 on top! 

He remains a happy, content child. He does well when I leave him in the church nursery for an hour. He just loves anyone who will give him attention. He smiles easily. 

You're a delight, Little Mister! We love you!

Cubes, Cakes and Worms


My oldest daughter has a myriad of interests. 

She's been into the Rubik's cube for a year or more now. She can solve that easy-peasy. Then she moved on to the 5x5 cube and the Megamix. I wrote about those cubes here. Now when I see the cubes laying around the house, they are "solved" into awesome patterns, like this one. 
So fun.

She's taking a cake decorating class at our homeschool co-op this semester. So over the weekend she made and decorated this beautiful cake. Way to go!

Here is a cookie she decorated a few weeks ago for class.

Some of the frosting flowers she's created.

And now this daughter of mine is taking Biology as part of her freshman year. We recently had to dissect a worm. Ewww! 

But she did great - had a good attitude about it and ended up enjoying it at least a little bit. She did intestine surgery on the little worm in the end. :-)

She's a fun girl to be around these days! 
So dynamic and witty, so interesting and unique!
I'm so glad she's my daughter!

Little Guy turns 8 Months


This little guy turned 8 months old last week!

This month was HUGE for his appetite. He started the month with just small bites of baby food. He ends the month eating 2 full jars of baby food each day, in addition to dozens of cheerios as a snack.

He still has just two bottom teeth, but the top ones are close to poking through.

He isn't crawling but is very close. He scoots backwards a lot and rolls around to get where he wants to go. He sleeps from about 6pm until 7:30 am, getting up just once for a 2am feeding. He doesn't nap well during the day, though - just two short cat naps and then back into the action that fills our home.

Now that we've had some hints of spring weather, we've enjoyed a few walks outside. He, of course, loves that! It's a whole new world to him.

And he remains such a joy in our home. Here he is being loved on by one of his big sisters. She is a little mama to him.

We love you, big guy! 

Friend Sarah turns 20


Our neighbor/friend Sarah turned 20 last week. So I gave her a pie in the face! :-)  She asked for it, literally!

We don't see as much of Sarah as we used to, as she moved across town last fall. But she still stops by every now and then. And her birthday was one such occasion. 

She brought us cupcakes to enjoy. We sang Happy Birthday to her. And we tried to surprise her with a pie in the face, even though she'd been expecting it.

Happy 20th, Sarah! You are loved!



For Valentine's Day this year I received a gift certificate to the local beauty college that offers hair cuts, massages, manicures, pedicures and such. So my daughter and I enjoy a Girls Day Out together. 

My long hair before, nearly 30 inches long from my scalp to my waist

I got nearly 12 inches chopped off my hair!

I also got an hour-long massage - every mother's dream! :-) 

My daughter's before pictures.

And my daughter got a perm to give her hair some wave. 

Fun morning out together! Thanks, honey, for the gift certificate! It was a wonderful treat!

Christmas, yes, Christmas!


A Christmas post. Yes, Christmas! 
I just received some Christmas photos from the party held at my father's house in Wisconsin. So I'm posting some favorites here to share.

Baby boy met Great-Grandma June for the first time.  

Baby boy with cousin Isabelle

And with Christine

 With Grandpa K

In case it wasn't obvious, baby boy stole the show!

Here's middle brother with Aunt Becky

Big smiles with cousin Trent

A shot of me with my oldest daughter and my dad

We played a huge game of BINGO. My daughter "won" this prize - an old Bingo shirt that Grandma June had made a few decades ago. Snazzy!

We took one huge group photo of the entire extended family. 

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the music. Here I was playing the piano for a Christmas carol sing-along.

Merry Christmas to all... in February! :-)  

Rain Day


We've had massive amounts of rain in Northern Indiana this week, resulting in flooding. But to my 4-year-old girl, all she wants to do is go jump in puddles!


Happy puddle jumping!