Healthworks Field Trip


This week we enjoyed a field trip to a local kids museum called Healthworks. Healthworks has been around for at least a decade. We've visited a few other times over the years. However, this was their last week before they closed their doors, so we squeezed in one more visit. 

There is a large dental chair and dress-up clothes for pretending to be a dentist. 

There are some cool chairs that will not tip over, no matter how you spin them. These provided quite a bit of fun during our visit. 

There are other dress-up outfits too, which a few of my kids tried on. Two firefighters and a construction worker. 

There's a climbing wall for the kids. 

There were hula hoops and some other toddler activities, so even my youngest one was able to get in on the fun. 

We're thankful for a local kids museum and are sad to see it closing. We'll miss you, Healthworks!

Fall Fun Field Trip


We enjoyed some fall fun last week at a local farm / pumpkin patch / corn maze.

This farm is so fun for the kids. There's a petting farm with goats, chickens, dogs, ponies. 

There are go-karts for adults and smaller ones for the little kids. This one isn't even a go-kart but a toy combine. Perfect for a toddler!

There are a few of these little playhouses spread around the farm. So cute!

This year they added a sunflower field. 
All sunflowers. So beautiful. 

My little ones like the corn box the best. 
Huge play area full of dried corn, similar to a large sand box (or a sandy beach). Very dusty, but very fun for them!

There is a cow train. Here are a few of my kids ready for the short train ride.

They also offer hay rides. Here these two were sitting, waiting for the ride to begin. 

Everywhere you go there are fun things for the kids to do here. In this picture my son is enjoying a water pump game, sending rubber duckies down the tubes to the other side where his sister was waiting to send them back to him. There is a big slide and also a trampoline-type jumping pillows for dozens of people to jump on at the same time.

Fall fun at its best!

Fire Station Field Trip


Our family recent enjoyed a field trip to a local fire station. 

Here are a few pictures we took during our tour. 

Four of my kids inside the fire truck. 

My littlest man, oblivious to the excitement all around him.

Just for fun: here's a then (2011) and now comparison of my oldest two after a fire station field trip. 

We're thankful for community helpers who are bravely run into danger to save others. We salute you!

Happy Birthday, Son!


This little one is turning 3!

This boy has a heart for worship. He is constantly singing, dancing and strumming his toy guitars. His heart is always filled with music. What a gift!

Happy birthday to you!



I love that our garden is still producing a harvest. 
Still green beans to enjoy for supper many nights each week. And a handful of tomatoes to toss in a salad too. 

Gardens go on producing long after the bulk of the work work of planting, weeding, tending is done. I love that!



My children were recently fascinated with a butterfly in our yard. It needed "an ambulance," my 4-year-old declared. It wouldn't fly and was barely moving.

Like a butterfly veterinarian, my 15-year-old daughter mixed up some sugar water to feed it and used a toothpick to help unfurl its curled up tongue. Then they placed it near our "butterfly bush" on the yard, which attracts lots of butterfly friends.

This is science at its best!

Grandma K Visit


Recently Grandma K from Wisconsin paid us a visit. 
Here we are together.

She had a lot of fun, especially with all of the kids.

They did chalk drawing in our kitchen. 

They played on the toy guitars, singing O Susana and other fun songs.

They played ball together...

and they blew bubbles together (along with neighbor/friend Jolene)...

and they took selfies together!

Grandma even connected with Skittles, the bird!

She gave lots of hugs, here with the littlest boys...

and here with the oldest two children.

Grandma took my oldest daughter to a movie, as a birthday present "experience."

And she brought me a beautiful wreath for my living room, as a birthday gift.

She also took a few of us out for ice cream one evening. How fun!

We tried to get one last picture before Grandma left. 
It was a circus!
I'm told I'll laugh at this someday :-) 

Glad to have you visit, Grandma! 
You are welcome anytime!

Baby Boy at Age 1


This little boy is about 13 months old. 

In this picture, he looks like he's dreaming of a far off place.

He was all smiles for his 1-year photoshoot. He had a fun time playing with the props and crawling all around the studio.

We took a few shots of him with older sister, which all turned out wonderful. 

My oldest with my youngest.

Such sweethearts!