Time for a haircut. 



Ready for summer!

State Park


We bought a pass to Indiana State Parks for this year. 

We've already visited a nearby park a handful of times.

On one occasion we enjoyed the waterfront area.

Other times we've just hiked.

The playgrounds are open again - yay!

There are trees for climbing.

And picnic tables. Perfect for pizza supper!

Thankful for state parks being open, for living so close to one, and for God's green earth to enjoy.

Quarantine Week 11


Another week has come and gone. 

We had lots of hot weather this week 
and spent a lot of time outside.

Helping Daddy put dirt and flowers into our pots.

The little boys enjoyed their first watermelon of this season.

And this little guy tried fishing, in our ditch :-)

We ate supper outside at least once this week. 

And all of the kids find themselves swinging on this saucer swing throughout the day.

We caught more chipmunks this week. 

The kids and I visited a nearby camp one day this week. This is the camp where Daddy and Mommy met, so it is special and dear to our hearts. What fun to introduce our kids to the place now!

Inside, we played with toys and puzzles but I don't think we played any board games this week.

We huddled in the basement one evening while a tornado warning was issued. It didn't last long and all was well.

My husband continued to work on our bathroom project - putting up window trim and the shower curtain rod. 
Looks good.

We attended a surprise birthday for a family member turning 16. She received a car as a gift. A memorable party!

The highlight of the week was my husband and I celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary! We got away for one night to a nearby hotel. We pulled my wedding dress out of 20 years of storage and tried to re-create a fun wedding picture.

And we enjoyed a date night and a chance to just talk about life, love, and 20 years... without the chatter of the children interrupting.

This week we saw more people face-to-face. A few friends came by with anniversary cards/balloons/greetings. It was nice to get real hugs again! Our state is on stage 3 of 5 in reopening from the coronavirus lockdown. Most restaurants are open at 50% capacity in their dining areas. But people here seem to be cautious about getting out again, taking it slowly. We are regularly hearing of businesses (big name franchises and small local shops) that are closing for good, not able to recover from the economic toll of this year. 

But the number of virus cases in our area remains low and is steadily increasing but not surging. We've been in the reopening stage for one month now. Our church remains closed, but some are opening now. Playgrounds are closed but will open in the next stage. But county fairs and many local pools are cancelled for Summer 2020. 

We'll see what next week holds!

Quarantine Week 10


Just wanting to start off with something beautiful. 
Some incredible sunsets this past week. 
Pictures never do them justice.

Another week of "quarantine" is over. I realize this is not technically the right term. We are not sick. We are just self isolating. But for the sake of these Quarantine Chronicles, we'll keep up the name calling. :-)

A few more nature pictures from our week. 

I love this little dogwood tree. We planted three of these in our yard in the last year. So great to see them bloom this week!

We caught two chipmunks this week. We're trying to keep them out of our yard and garden. When we catch them, the kids gave them names (like Alfred or Junior or Jumpy) and we take them for a little ride out into the country and let them find a new home. We're compassionate like that. :-)

Then we saw this squirrel in the garden! Grrr!

Our front porch is looking great with these flowers.

We put up a hammock this week. Getting it up was a whole story of its own, but here's my 6 year old enjoying the final product. All smiles!

These two little boys had fun playing with water and gave their toy lawn mower a wash.

And the two of them worked together to move a little ladder. Great teamwork, boys!

A round of popsicles on a hot day. We're so thankful for the warm weather that allows us to be outside!

Just a sweet picture of me with my littlest boy. I'm usually behind the camera so I'm glad one of my older kids caught a shot of me and this little guy.

Inside we had some major train track building going on this week. We left this one up for a few days.

And we played a few games. Here's Q-bitz Extreme. 
It's challenging!

And a game of Scrabble with this serious player.

And some puzzle action.

And the littlest ones playing with some foam shapes.

God provided a FREE used washing machine for us this week, from a neighbor in our neighborhood. So here's my hubby walking it home with the hand truck. What a sight to see him walking down the street like this! But we thank God for this free gift, right when we needed it! (Ours had broken down just that very morning. Within hours, we had this free one hooked up and working away. Amazing God!)

And just because, this girl wanted her picture taken with her sandwich. Okay.

My husband had his first full week working back at the office. All is well there. Even though it's a public library, they are not open to the public - only staff there working behind-the-scenes. So very slowly we are seeing more businesses and churches open their doors. We are so thankful that the virus has not been as serious as originally predicted. That is the mercy of our God! 

Oldest Daughter's Creative Side


My oldest daughter was inspired to be artsy a few days ago. 

Through some creative photography and Photoshop, she created these. 

Very creative mind!