Christmas - Baby's First


Here are some highlights from Baby Boy's first Christmas.

Here he was with Aunt Sheila.

He was peeking through the hole in the snowman... peek-a-boo, cutie!

Here he was chilling with Aunt Becky.

Cousins Isabelle and Christa were eager to hold him.

He snuggled and cuddled with Grandma K in Wisconsin.

He met some people for the first time, like Aunt Melanie.

All smiles in his red Christmas plaid.

Lots of love from a big sister who thinks a baby is one of the best gifts ever! And she's right!

At the end of a long day... sleep tight!

Merry Christmas, Buddy!

Christmas for a 2-year-old

This is a snapshot of Christmas 2017 from my 2-year-old son's perspective. 

Such a sweetheart, looking so grown up in his Christmas sweater vest!

It's hard to get a picture of this boy sitting still. 
Here he was playing with his new firetruck. 

And he loved his new horse!

He was helping me with open some gifts.

He was all smiles with Daddy.

No matter where we go, even long trips to Wisconsin, his favorite blankie is never far away!

He loves playing with trucks. 

He is an adorable model for his new hat and mittens. 

While at Grandpa K's house in Wisconsin, he was playing with some pennies (which were used for a Bingo game the adults played) in the corner. He's always loved to dump things out and then pick them back up and then repeat the process a dozen times!

Here he was playing with some of his new Duplo trucks on the floor while the rest of us continued to open gifts.

Here he is with 2 of his own brothers and big cousin Zeke... just some of the boys on the Wisconsin side of the family.

Some cuddles with mom when his batteries were winding down. 

Merry Christmas to you, Little Man!

Christmas for a 4 year old

 Here's a snapshot of Christmas 2017 from my 4-year-old daughter's perspective.

This girl was super excited about Christmas this year. She knows that once her birthday comes in mid-December, Christmas is right around the corner. 

She can hardly contain her excitement!

She "wrote" a song this year that she sang over the holidays. It's to the tune of Happy Birthday. 

"Merry Christmas to you. 
Merry Christmas to you!
Merry Christmas to everyone!
Merry Christmas to you!"

Such sweetness from this bundle of joy!

She loved the excitement of putting up Christmas decorations. 

And she enjoyed decorating Christmas cookies on a few different occasions. 

We hosted the Indiana relatives for Christmas at our house. Here she is playing with cousin Racquel.

Here she and little brother are sitting with Aunt Karen. 

Posing with some of her Christmas gifts - a magnadoodle, a new red bathrobe and reindeer slippers, a little baking set, and a kaleidoscope. 

While celebrating with our Wisconsin family, she loved having Grandma K do her hair up real fancy, like Mama's.

She warmed up quickly with the Wisconsin relatives whom she rarely sees. She's a super social girl and LOVED the party time!

She took a selfie with Grandma K, whom she always refers to as "the Grandma who lives up in Wisconsin." 

Merry Christmas, Rosebud!

Christmas - My Oldest Boy

Here's a Christmas 2017 snapshot from my oldest boy's perspective.

His favorite part has to be SNOW! 
He loves to play outside in snow for hours on end, if we'll let him. In our front yard, he and his older sister built a large hill for sledding/snowboarding down. So fun for them!

Here he is with some of his gifts - a dinosaur 3D puzzle, a fidget cube, a Lego block clock, a new bathrobe and Jonathan Park CDs. 

Here he is with one of his favorite gifts - new walkie talkies!

After hosting the Indiana relatives for Christmas, this boy decided to finish off the leftover punch! :-)

We enjoyed time with Grandma K in Wisconsin, which includes Christmas headgear for all!

Here are a few of the boys on the Wisconsin side of the family. 4 were missing from this picture! And of the 4 that are included, 3 are my boys! Handsome fellas!

Opening up Christmas gifts from Grandma K. 

A piggyback ride from Uncle Brian. 
Great smiles!

He and his older sister spent a few extra days in Wisconsin with Grandpa K. 

He had a very fun holiday season. 
Merry Christmas, Buckaroo!

Christmas - My Oldest Girl


This is a snapshot of how my oldest daughter spent Christmas 2017. 

We spent some time in Wisconsin for the holidays. 

She was able to help make Lefse - a Norwegian family tradition. She's really quite good at this!

One simply must listen to Christmas music and adorn the Christmas apron and Christmas headgear when preparing Christmas food! 

She received this warm poncho as a gift. This is perfect for her, as she's always cold and regularly wraps up in blankets.

Here she is with Grandma K. 

Lots of smiles and fun during our visit!

Here she is with Grandpa K and little brother, as they spent an extra few days in Wisconsin with him.

Back home in Indiana, my girl was able to see her friend Sarah and favorite pet dog Chewy.

She enjoyed a sleepover with some church friends.

One of her favorite activities of this holiday season was Christmas caroling at a local nursing home.

Here she is with the gifts she received from our family Christmas - a puffer vest, a Piano Guys sheet music book, an cultural study Bible, some personalized stationery, and a lapdesk. 

Posing with Daddy.

Merry Christmas, Bright Eyes!