My Boy


My son. He's 7. 
He keeps us on our toes 
and keeps life from being anywhere close to boring. 

When we got a good soaking rain recently, lowpoints in our backyard filled with water. Here he was playing in the mud puddle - making a rock bridge, jumping, splashing, pretending to be an army soldier and then pretending to be working in rice paddies. What an imagination!

He loved playing our 1980s version of Mousetrap. So fun! 

Yes, that is Spiderman you're seeing. And he's wearing a coonskin cap and sandals. And riding a bike. 
The cutest superhero around!

He has always loved to help in the yard and/or work with tools. When the men of our church were spending a few hours helping a widow with yard work, he was able to tag along. He's not smiling in this picture, but he was being a serious helper!

You're an important part of our family. 
We love you, buddy!

Homeschooling Encouragement: Such a Blessed Life


A beautiful choice for our family. 
A wonderful freedom in our country.

I recently saw something on Facebook that reminded me what a blessed life I lead. Not an easy life, but a blessed one indeed.

Blessed to be at home with my children, watching them change and grow and learn and explore. 

Blessed to be at home with my children, reading about adventures set in other times and places, as we learn together. Blessed to be the one who is shaping their worldview, helping them think through issues, helping uncover their hidden talents and abilities.

Blessed to be at home, preparing meals for my family to enjoy together as we talk, listen, and laugh together around the table. 

Blessed to hear "Mom, look at this!" all day long as my children try new things, discover something new in a book, or create something new out of their wild imaginations. 

Blessed to be able to include my children in the daily rhythm of life - shopping, skyping with Grandma, daytime visits to those needing encouragement, along with laundry folding and meal preparing and house cleaning. 

Blessed to be able to take walks around the neighborhood at any time of day, to watch road construction happen outside our window, to call for recess any time it's needed.

Blessed to be able to sleep in or get up early or take a nap. It's my choice, my privilege, my schedule. Wow!

Blessed to learn more about who I am while my kids learn who they are. 

Blessed to know that in good times and in bad, our family will be together. Our traditions and routines are the glue that holds us together through it all. 

I am a home educator and parent. 
Some think I am brave. I just think I am being true to my convictions and loving my family the best I can. 

I am blessed. Seriously blessed.

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks Along

I have been tossing and turning at night now, as it's getting harder to be comfortable while laying down. 

Baby Inkling continues to move a lot. I love that aspect of pregnancy... a little human being moving around inside. 

My husband and I continue to talk through name possibilities, going back and forth on a few. 

Just 2 more months until due date arrives. We can't wait to be surprised at your arrival, Baby Inkling!

Happy Birthday to my Man


My main squeeze just had a birthday. 

He didn't want any extra attention or parties. But the kids and I did join him at work for a picnic birthday lunch.

I am beyond thankful for this man. He isn't perfect (neither is his wife) but he puts in 100% every day. He works hard at work. He works hard at being present and available at home. He undoubtedly loves me and his heart is for our family. I truly couldn't ask for a better man to walk through life with. 

And he makes amazing homemade pizza to boot! :-)

What a blessed life we live! 
Happy Birthday, Babe!

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks Along

30 weeks out of 40 = 3/4 of the way there

I look huge. 
I am receiving regular comments about looking huge. 
I have very little muscle tone due to multiple pregnancies and one of those being an 11+ pound baby. 
It's ok, folks. My docs are on it. Baby is fine. I'm fine. And my due date has not changed. 

I continue to "nest" and do a little bit of cleaning and preparing each day. 

My 7-year-old son now enjoys feeling the baby move. So that has become a special time, with some baby education mixed in. 

We love you, Inkling! 

Toddler Girl at 18 Months

This little girl is 18 months old.

Here's her most recent portrait.

My 7-year-old son took these snapshots, which turned out great. She was in her 4th-of-July outfit.

Boxes are always so much fun to play in.

This is just such a cute picture with the cheesy grin.

She looks so tall and grown up on the stairs in this picture.

She has gotten 4 new teeth this month - her canines. This has made for a few difficult days, which happened to include her 18-month doctor check up and her 18-month portrait picture-taking session.  

She is always trying new things - walking (not crawling) up the stairs, eating new foods, venturing further in our yard to discover new territory, becoming a little more independent in the church nursery. Her vocabulary is always growing too, as she says new words daily. 

We love watching you grow and discover, Little Miss! 
You remain a joy and delight to our family!

Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks Along

I had a second ultrasound this week, which confirmed that Baby Inkling is healthy and growing just fine. I have a particular antibody in my system that can result in a heart issue in about 20% of babies, so this ultrasound simply confirmed that Inkling's heart is functioning as it should. The ultrasound also put Inkling's current weight at 3 and 1/2 pounds, which is excellent. 

I have begun setting aside a few items for the hospital bag and baby's diaper bag. This week I hope to inventory my diaper supply to see how many more I should stock up on before Inkling's arrival. I felt more prepared in this department last time around, but I do still have time to find some decent diaper deals and stockpile some. 

My midwife appointments are every two weeks now, so I'll have another appointment this coming week. 

I love seeing you grow strong and healthy, Inkling! 

Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks Along

This week's theme is ITCHING! It is very common for the stretching belly skin to be itchy. I've got an additional rash on my forearms and in a few other places that are making me VERY ITCHY all over! My midwives aren't concerned at this point and assume it's just a reaction to a change in soap, detergent, etc. I'm not sure what would cause it and it's lasted almost 3 weeks now. So I try to exercise major self control and use anti-itch lotions and oils to bring some relief. 

Baby Inkling, you are worth all of the itching and discomfort that I may experience. I love you so much and am thankful to be able to experience the privilege of pregnancy, such a unique and incredible season of a woman's life!