Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks Along

I had a second ultrasound this week, which confirmed that Baby Inkling is healthy and growing just fine. I have a particular antibody in my system that can result in a heart issue in about 20% of babies, so this ultrasound simply confirmed that Inkling's heart is functioning as it should. The ultrasound also put Inkling's current weight at 3 and 1/2 pounds, which is excellent. 

I have begun setting aside a few items for the hospital bag and baby's diaper bag. This week I hope to inventory my diaper supply to see how many more I should stock up on before Inkling's arrival. I felt more prepared in this department last time around, but I do still have time to find some decent diaper deals and stockpile some. 

My midwife appointments are every two weeks now, so I'll have another appointment this coming week. 

I love seeing you grow strong and healthy, Inkling! 


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