Homeschooling Encouragement: Such a Blessed Life


A beautiful choice for our family. 
A wonderful freedom in our country.

I recently saw something on Facebook that reminded me what a blessed life I lead. Not an easy life, but a blessed one indeed.

Blessed to be at home with my children, watching them change and grow and learn and explore. 

Blessed to be at home with my children, reading about adventures set in other times and places, as we learn together. Blessed to be the one who is shaping their worldview, helping them think through issues, helping uncover their hidden talents and abilities.

Blessed to be at home, preparing meals for my family to enjoy together as we talk, listen, and laugh together around the table. 

Blessed to hear "Mom, look at this!" all day long as my children try new things, discover something new in a book, or create something new out of their wild imaginations. 

Blessed to be able to include my children in the daily rhythm of life - shopping, skyping with Grandma, daytime visits to those needing encouragement, along with laundry folding and meal preparing and house cleaning. 

Blessed to be able to take walks around the neighborhood at any time of day, to watch road construction happen outside our window, to call for recess any time it's needed.

Blessed to be able to sleep in or get up early or take a nap. It's my choice, my privilege, my schedule. Wow!

Blessed to learn more about who I am while my kids learn who they are. 

Blessed to know that in good times and in bad, our family will be together. Our traditions and routines are the glue that holds us together through it all. 

I am a home educator and parent. 
Some think I am brave. I just think I am being true to my convictions and loving my family the best I can. 

I am blessed. Seriously blessed.


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