Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks Along

This week we are going on vacation. 
I'll be doing a lot of riding in the van, sleeping in different beds, eating different foods and trying to be comfortable. The weather for the week is expected to be HOT. 

But we're super excited about this vacation, which will include visits with old friends and the first time for any of our family members to see the Atlantic Ocean. 

Stay comfy, Baby Inkling! We're going on vacation!

Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks Along

I had a routine ultrasound this week. Everything looks normal and Baby Inkling appeared healthy and active. We saw lots of hand waves and movement in general.

Keep growing, Baby! 

And God, we pray, for You to keep knitting this little one together to be exactly who You want him or her to be.

Soap Clouds Fun


Ever wonder what would happen if you put a regular bar of Ivory soap in the microwave for a few minutes? 

Well, wonder no more! You get soap clouds!

All eyes were glued to the microwave, watching the soap clouds form and change shape and grow. We let it go until I feared it would explode - about 2-3 minutes.

Afterwards, you can make molds out of the soap. We didn't, though. We left it in "cloud" form and put it by the bathroom sink. Break off a small chunk and use it each time you wash your hands. Somehow washing hands just became 10 times more fun! 

I got this idea here.

Intrigued? Try it yourself!

Mother's Day 2015


Mother's Day. I used to have high expectations of a super clean house and a day without all of the usual mommy work. But now, I have come to delight in the homemade crafty gifts from my kids and to simply appreciate the fact that I am needed in my home. 

Mother's Day doesn't mean a day free from laundry or dishes. It's a day when I am especially thankful for the people who make those dirty clothes and those dirty dishes. How I love them! 
How thankful I am for the privilege of being a mom. 
I am well aware that it's a privilege denied to many. 
I am blessed. 
I embrace my role as mom. 

This year, my kids made a flower craft for me. Dad also took them shopping for a few gifts. They bought a wonderfully smelling peach candle - wrapped with a note "Thank you for making our life peachy" :-)

And then a new set of 16 dishes. In with each plate was a little note of something the kids were thankful for: thank you for playing monopoly with me, thank you for washing our clothes, thank you for reading to us, thank you for teaching us, thank you for playing the piano. Maybe the best one was signed "from Inkling" (our in-utero baby), saying thank you for keeping me cozy. :-) 

Cherishing each day and each child, 
Thanking God for the privilege of being mom. 

Pregnancy Update: Week 20


Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks Along 

20 Weeks = Halfway to 40 Weeks = Yahoo! 

Feeling kicks now that are strong enough to be felt by others outside the womb. 

Can't say that I'm "nesting" but I have started some frozen food prep, thinking ahead to when baby is born. Getting back on track making meals for my family is one of the hardest things for me when I have a newborn. So my goal is to have at least 10 frozen meals prepped in advance. 

We have our ultrasound in the next few days. But don't get your hopes up for finding out Inkling's gender... we like to be surprised and will ask the ultrasound tech to NOT tell us or show us anything revealing. This is one of life's best surprises! 

We love you, Baby Inkling! 

Family Photo Friday


It's Friday, so here are a few photos from our week. 

We did some major spring cleaning and room re-arranging earlier in the week. Part of this was to prepare for a guest, but it served other purposes too, as we prepare for baby's arrival in the fall. We moved toddler girl upstairs to share a room with big sister, leaving behind a true guest room. This was the cleanest and nicest this room has looked in years. 

Sisters. Love it.

We had some HOT weather this week. Hot enough to get out the pool. The kids, of course, loved it and spent hours in the water.

This little girl. Oh, how she enjoys wearing other people's footwear around the house. Here she is with daddy's slippers. Just as often, it is brother's shoes or daddy's dress shoes. Funny. 

Just for fun, here are two photos of her big sister who used to do the same thing, back in 2005. See similarities? 

Happy Friday, one and all!

A Guest


We've had a guest with us this week. He works with a missionary-sending agency and has had meetings at our church this week, along with about 10 of his colleagues. We were one family who volunteered to host and I'm so glad we did. 

Gary spent years as a missionary in Africa with his family. He had stories to share about that experience, as well as dozens of other interesting tid-bits and jokes. On top of that, he was just a funny grandfatherly-type guy. My kids loved him from the start, because he engaged with them at their level. My daughter asked numerous probing questions about his life and his work, which he took the time to answer in depth. This kind of interaction and learning is something you can't get from books. I'm so thankful Gary took the time to invest in my kids, realizing his role as a teacher who could help expand their horizons, to help them consider other cultures, etc. 

At the end of his week-long stay with us, he thanked us and prayed for us. He felt, and so did we, that his stay with us was a perfect fit. 

Grace and peace to you, Gary, as you return home. 

And let me encourage others to take advantage of opportunities like this to host missionaries and other visitors. What a great way to model hospitality for your family, but also to learn from others who have different life experiences than you do. 

Pregnancy Update: Week 19


Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks Along

This week involved plenty of spring cleaning at our house. We rearranged 3 rooms, switched the older kids' rooms and moved our toddler upstairs into a room with older sister. Of course, this included thinking through where new baby will be sleeping too. Phew! 

Almost half-way through this pregnancy. Everyone says "Wow! It's going so fast!" All pregnancies seem to go by quickly, except your own! 

Biggest challenge of the week is to keep my belly safe from toddler sister who likes to push, sometimes hard, on my fluffy belly. Sorry, baby! 

Keep on growing, Baby Inkling! We love you!