Family Photo Friday


It's Friday, so here are a few photos from our week. 

We did some major spring cleaning and room re-arranging earlier in the week. Part of this was to prepare for a guest, but it served other purposes too, as we prepare for baby's arrival in the fall. We moved toddler girl upstairs to share a room with big sister, leaving behind a true guest room. This was the cleanest and nicest this room has looked in years. 

Sisters. Love it.

We had some HOT weather this week. Hot enough to get out the pool. The kids, of course, loved it and spent hours in the water.

This little girl. Oh, how she enjoys wearing other people's footwear around the house. Here she is with daddy's slippers. Just as often, it is brother's shoes or daddy's dress shoes. Funny. 

Just for fun, here are two photos of her big sister who used to do the same thing, back in 2005. See similarities? 

Happy Friday, one and all!


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