Mother's Day 2015


Mother's Day. I used to have high expectations of a super clean house and a day without all of the usual mommy work. But now, I have come to delight in the homemade crafty gifts from my kids and to simply appreciate the fact that I am needed in my home. 

Mother's Day doesn't mean a day free from laundry or dishes. It's a day when I am especially thankful for the people who make those dirty clothes and those dirty dishes. How I love them! 
How thankful I am for the privilege of being a mom. 
I am well aware that it's a privilege denied to many. 
I am blessed. 
I embrace my role as mom. 

This year, my kids made a flower craft for me. Dad also took them shopping for a few gifts. They bought a wonderfully smelling peach candle - wrapped with a note "Thank you for making our life peachy" :-)

And then a new set of 16 dishes. In with each plate was a little note of something the kids were thankful for: thank you for playing monopoly with me, thank you for washing our clothes, thank you for reading to us, thank you for teaching us, thank you for playing the piano. Maybe the best one was signed "from Inkling" (our in-utero baby), saying thank you for keeping me cozy. :-) 

Cherishing each day and each child, 
Thanking God for the privilege of being mom. 


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