One Month Baby Girl


My newest baby girl is already 6-weeks old! 

I seldom have a spare moment to blog (or take a shower for that matter), but here are a few pictures to share. I know a few have been asking for some updates, so this is the best I can do for now. 

Here's my hubby after rocking the little one to sleep. They are both out like a light. 

Grandpa R holding baby for the first time this past week. 

A bit of play time on the floor. She's quite the kicker - constantly moving those legs. 

Asleep in mama's arms, with hands folded. 

In a moby-wrap carrier with mama. This baby doesn't want to be away from mama for even a minute, so the carrier is a great way for baby to be close to mama and mama to have hands-free to accomplish other tasks. 

We love our baby girl!

Baby Comparisons - Baths


Life is moving at break-neck speeds. 
My newest baby is a month old already. 

Giving the newest little miss a bath recently made me recall the experience with those of my other children. 
Here are some photo comparisons, just for fun. 
It's the same blue baby bath tub in each picture.

Picture of little missy's first bath at home at 3 weeks (2014).

Picture of my enormous son's first bath at home at 3 weeks (2008).

Picture of my eldest daughter's first bath at home at 3 weeks (2003).

I think my two girlies look a lot alike - small, petite, delicate. My son, well, he was just unbelievably huge.

Of course this also reminds me how much I love that baby fresh smell after a bath!

Snow Day


We've had major snow the last few days and now super cold temps to go with it. But before it got too cold to be outdoors, Dad and the two older kids enjoyed some sledding time. 

Winter fun!