One Month Baby Girl


My newest baby girl is already 6-weeks old! 

I seldom have a spare moment to blog (or take a shower for that matter), but here are a few pictures to share. I know a few have been asking for some updates, so this is the best I can do for now. 

Here's my hubby after rocking the little one to sleep. They are both out like a light. 

Grandpa R holding baby for the first time this past week. 

A bit of play time on the floor. She's quite the kicker - constantly moving those legs. 

Asleep in mama's arms, with hands folded. 

In a moby-wrap carrier with mama. This baby doesn't want to be away from mama for even a minute, so the carrier is a great way for baby to be close to mama and mama to have hands-free to accomplish other tasks. 

We love our baby girl!


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