Spring Flowers


I took a few pictures of our spring flowers in full bloom over the weekend. 

Such a mood-lifter and spirit-booster to see all these signs of new life and splendor popping up all over the place!

For everything there is a season... a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest.

Thank you, God, for seasons!

Our Family


The more our family grows, the harder it becomes to take (good) family pictures. So here is the best of our recent family shots... probably the last good picture of our family before baby arrives!

Little Man's Surprise


 A few days ago I walked into the kitchen to this...

My little man had climbed right up onto the kitchen table and was walking around, laughing.

Big sister thought this looked like fun too! 
"I wanna dance on the table too, mama!" 

I shouldn't have been too surprised, I guess. A few days prior he had started climbing up on chairs. 

So, onto the kitchen table... a logical next step. 

Keeping up with you keeps us on our toes, Mr. Man!

18 Month Boy


This boy. Already 18 months old.

He's a bundle of energy and fun. He climbs on anything and everything (making the kitchen chairs, table, piano, etc. all hazards for him). 

He eats well. He uses a fork and spoon, as best as he can. He likes most of my healthy foods, with broccoli and cheese and eggs near the top of his list.

He's been sleeping like a champ for many months - 12 solid hours of sleep at night plus a good 2-hour daytime nap. He goes to sleep easily, cuddling with his favorite blanket.

He's a squirmy worm during diaper changes.  

He speaks dozens of words. He's at that stage where he daily surprises us with his expanding vocabulary. 

We love you, little man!

My Boy and His Blanket


My youngest boy regularly reminds me of the Peanuts character of Linus, always with his blanket nearby. 

That is my boy! 
His blanket is blue with yellow ducks on it. Grandma R gave him this blanket when he was born and he rarely lets it out of his sight! 

If the blanket is nearby, he is content. When in tears, the blanket helps comfort him. It goes with him for naps and bed each night. It goes with him to the church nursery and to our Wednesday morning co-op nursery. 
How he loves his blanket!