New Baby Break


We have a new baby! 

I'll be taking a blogging break while we adjust to life at home with our baby girl! 

I will be back soon.

Pregnancy - 41 Weeks


 41 Weeks Along

No pregnant mama necessarily wants to reach this point. The due date has come and gone... still no baby. 
People call to check in, to see if they've missed some big news... nope, still waiting. 

How I feel: ready
I'm trying to be patient
I'm trying to enjoy these days while I can focus on my older children.  
And I'm trying to rest up. 

We will be induced soon, if baby doesn't come naturally. 

We are ready for you, Baby Flutter, and will see you oh-so-very soon!

Family Photo Friday

 It's Friday which is when I try to post a few family photos.

A week or so ago we had our homeschool co-op end-of-semester program. One of the classes that performed a song on stage was the "Armor of God" class. My kids were not in this class, but my son was so impressed with their costumes that he immediately began talking of making some armor at home. 

It wasn't long before he and his sister had homemade swords and helmets. And this led to a number of discussions about the armor of God mentioned in Ephesians 6.

It also led to some birthday gifts that fit the theme as well.

This picture doesn't show the stickers as well as I'd hoped, but my son chose stickers to represent each member of our family to put on his shirt. He put a smiley face on for Dad, Mom, sister and himself. Then he added a sticker of a gift for Baby Flutter. So sweet.

My hubby and daughter were busy in the kitchen making soft buttery pretzels. Mmmm.   

My kids worked together to put up our Christmas tree this week. Team work at its best.

My son loves drawing and creating with the dry-erase board. He was very proud of himself when he drew this awesome picture of a firefighter, fire truck and burning building. Great job, Buddy! 

Happy Friday to you!

Pregnancy - 40 Weeks


40 weeks along

 I am really big. 
I think I'm waddling with each lumbering step I take.
It's hard to stay on my feet for long.

We're thankful that we've made it into the month of December, which is when our "real" insurance took effect. For most of October and all of November, I was covered with a temporary insurance (that would NOT have covered labor/delivery) and the rest of my family was without any coverage. But now... we're ready!

A day or so ago I had a burst of energy and was able to do some serious nesting. 

I've been craving peanut butter for the last few weeks. 

I continue to have indigestion all day long, regardless of what I eat or avoid eating. I'm up in the night at least twice for a potty break and to sit in the recliner at an incline to help with the middle-of-the-night indigestion. 

I do believe that we're ready for this baby. 
Each last-minute item has been checked off. 
We're ready to welcome you to this side of the world, 
Baby Flutter!

Kindergarten ABCs


My son has been working hard to learn his ABCs. 

He's doing very well and is starting to string together letters to make words. He's proud of himself, as he should be. 

Here are a few pictures of him working on putting together two different alphabet puzzles we have - one uppercase, one lowercase.

I've struggled, as many homeschoolers do, with how hard to push my son in the area of reading readiness. I struggle to not compare him with his older sister, who learned to read at age 4. My boy turns 6 this week and is much further behind than my girl was at that age. But he wasn't ready sooner. It seems that recently the light bulb has gone on and he's grasping the letter sounds and combinations better than before. Another example of how you can't push kids to do things they aren't ready for - they will learn them when they are good and ready (whether it's potty training, learning to read or tie shoes). 

Happy Birthday, Little Man!


My little man turns 6 this week! 
This birthday seems extra special, at least to me, as I'm carrying a baby due on his exact birthday. I'm recalling what pregnancy was like exactly 6 years ago and that birth experience... and how quickly the last 6 years have gone.

It's quite a privilege to be a mom to this little man. He's taught me to lighten up, to laugh more, to enjoy life more, to let go of the reigns of control more.

He's all boy. He's into swords and guns. He loves to be active, to hit and kick and run and jump. But he's also got a very tender heart. He likes to snuggle and take naps next to Mom.

I'm so thankful to be his mom and so thankful to God for putting him into our family.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Church Community Meal


Before Thanksgiving, our church hosted a community meal. This was a full Thanksgiving spread - with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, rolls, corn, and pies for dessert. And it was free for everyone. Over 200 people were served, with the majority of those being non-church folks.

My husband helped in the serving line. 

The kids and I (and cousin Racquel in this picture) helped with the eating. :-)

I appreciate the fact that our local church looks for ways to serve our broader community, through meals like this and also through providing a "clothing pantry" with free clothes for anyone who needs them. On a weekly basis, an average of 50 people visit the clothing pantry, which is available to anyone without cost or obligation. 

At times like these, I appreciate my fellow church folks truly being the hands and feet of Jesus in our world.