Kindergarten ABCs


My son has been working hard to learn his ABCs. 

He's doing very well and is starting to string together letters to make words. He's proud of himself, as he should be. 

Here are a few pictures of him working on putting together two different alphabet puzzles we have - one uppercase, one lowercase.

I've struggled, as many homeschoolers do, with how hard to push my son in the area of reading readiness. I struggle to not compare him with his older sister, who learned to read at age 4. My boy turns 6 this week and is much further behind than my girl was at that age. But he wasn't ready sooner. It seems that recently the light bulb has gone on and he's grasping the letter sounds and combinations better than before. Another example of how you can't push kids to do things they aren't ready for - they will learn them when they are good and ready (whether it's potty training, learning to read or tie shoes). 


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