Daddy Dancing


These pictures were from a few weeks ago, but make me smile every time I see them. Daddy and little girl dancing together in the kitchen. Smiles. Tender moments.

My 3-year-old was so excited about this new dress - not just any dress, but a fancy, swirly dancing-like princess dress. It was a hand-me-down that we got for free and probably was a flower girl dress for some other princess! 

Then little brother joined in the dancing. 

Oh so fun!

May we always be able to enjoy life and dance together!

Baby Boy is 3 Months Old


So this "little baby" is not so little any more! 

At 3 months, he's a whopping 16 pounds 8 ounces! 

Chunky Monkey! He's well beyond the 0-3 month clothes and now even the 3-6 month clothes... into the 6-9 months sizes.

His hair is thinning out. It's got some curl to it when it's damp. 

He generously doles out the smiles to anyone who pays attention to him. He has had a few belly laughs now too, as I've found his tickle spots.

I am too much of a zombie before the 3-month mark to have portraits taken, but now that we're getting more sleep and moving beyond the newborn phase, we had these portraits done and I LOVE THEM!

That sweet little face, those cheeks that are plumping up...

We love this little guy and thank God for him!
Happy 3-months on this side of the womb, Mr. Man! 

PS: I love comparing my kids' looks... so here is my almost-10-year-old son when he was wearing this same outfit at this same age. So fun! 

Birthday Boy Turns 2


This boy... what a handful he is!

It's hard to catch a picture of him, as he's in constant motion. But here he was dancing with Daddy and big sister in the kitchen. 

He can count very clearly from 1 to 10. He speaks very well and is adding new words to his vocabulary daily. 

He loves to manipulate things - whether pulling all the books off the shelf or all the pans out of the cupboard. He loves to stack things up and knock them down. He loves to move things from one place to another (like the pumpkins during his photo shoot).

He is a great sleeper. He sleeps 12-13 hours each night, without interruption, and he naps 2-3 hours each afternoon. 

He loves to be tickled. We enjoy some good tickle time at least once a day together. Tickling is what got him loosened up for these pictures. 

Let me tell you about this kid and guitars! He ADORES guitars. He wants to regularly watch music videos that include close-up guitar shots and he walks around the house with this play guitar ALL THE TIME! "Guitar" is probably his most common word these days. 

This child has no fear. I predict he will be the first of our family with a broken bone. He is regularly climbing up on furniture. He knows what I will say... "Be careful!" so he looks back at me and clearly repeats "Be careful!" but continues to do what he wants to. 

He still has his favorite blanket that MUST accompany him to bed each night. We have weaned him off of carrying it around all day, so it now just stays in his bed. He still sleeps in a crib and so far has not even tried to climb out of it (not sure how that jives with his constant climbing on all the rest of the furniture, but it's true). 

We sure do love you, Mr. Man!
Happy 2nd birthday to you!

Baby Boy is 2 Months Old


Baby boy has turned 2 months old now! Time is flying by.

Sleeping... what babies do best!

Here is the little man laying in the heirloom cradle that Daddy built 14 years ago.

Checking out some toys in the playpen. 

Chilling with Daddy.

This is his first train ride, at the local zoo. 

My 3-year-old girl just loves the baby. Most of the time, she calls him "the baby" or "my baby" rather than his actual name.

Here is my oldest son with my youngest son. 

He's much more alert now and enjoys sitting in his chair, watching the older kids play nearby.

This month he smiled for the first time... at his big sister who just loves on him all the time. 

We love those smiles, little buddy!

Birthday Girl Turns 14


This girl is 14 years old! 

She has braces in her pictures this year, which is new. 

Still as beautiful as ever! Her hair has a red tint in these shots, which is so pretty! 

This year she's grown up a lot. She's had to help run our household these last days, with a new baby in the family. But she's stepped up to the plate and learned new things, from cooking skills to childcare techniques. 

Some of her favorite things include: pets; riding the rip-stick and painting her beautifully long fingernails in bold colors. 

Happy Birthday, Bright Eyes! 
We are so thankful God has given you to our family!

Baby's First Month

So my baby boy is a month old now. Here are some pictures from his first month on this side of the womb. 

Me and my baby. 

His favorite place is definitely in my arms.

A little playtime. He's not really into this at all yet.

First bath. 

First month picture.

We love you, little man, 
and are so glad you're part of our family! 

A Baby as a Trust


I found this quote recently and it really spoke to my heart, as I have just been entrusted with a newborn. 
So precious and beautiful...

by Theodore Cuyler (1896)

"When God lays a newborn babe in the arms of a mother, He says to her heart 'Take this child and nurse it for me and I will give you your wages (Exodus 2:9).' The answer of maternal love should be, 'Oh God, You have put Your noblest workmanship into my hands. I accept the precious trust. I will shelter this young life under Your mercy seat. I will be truthful that it may never learn falsehood. I will nurse this soul in its infancy with the sincere milk of love, that in after years it may bear strong meat for strong service of God and righteousness. Oh, Heavenly Father, make my life in harmony with Yourself, that this young life may reflect Your blessed image in following my example!' 
To such pious fidelity God offers the highest wages; 
He pays the heart's claim in the heart's own coin."