Trim Healthy Mama and Me


My journey. My health.

Here's a little bit of my story. 

I've never been obese, but I have been "overweight" for years. I am short - only 5 feet 2 inches. Being this short means that I should not weigh over 120 pounds or I am considered overweight. Therefore, I've been overweight for all of my adult life! A few extra pounds in college. A few more after each baby came along. Not obese but not healthy either. 

Here are a few pictures of me a few years ago that I will use as my "BEFORE" pictures. 

A bit on the chubby side. I was in size L or XL clothes, wearing a 14/16 at my biggest. 

And here I am now. I bought this dress in April, before it really fit. I loved it, though, and made it my goal to fit into it by July. 
And I did it! 
I fit into a size 8! 
And my double-chin is gone! 
And I have more energy for life!
And I'm making right choices now to be smart about my pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. 
I'm getting back to true health. 

And I'm still losing weight! How? Trim Healthy Mama (also known as THM)! If you haven't heard of THM before, please consider it. There's a book and a cookbook out there. Look at your library or on Amazon.

You could call it a diet. 
I call it a lifestyle. 
I eat what I want. 
I "cheat" when I want. 
It's food freedom. 
It's educating myself on making healthy choices 
that can taste good too. 

I love the results. And I love that some of the harder-to-find food ingredients are becoming easier to find now, as more people jump on the "a healthier me" bandwagon. ALDI now carries sprouted bread, coconut oil, and a number of other healthy food choices. 

There will be more to come on this issue as I'm 4-5 months into this way of eating, way of looking at food. I'm committed to better overall health and we'll see what I look like when that is achieved! :-)


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