Teenage Birthday


Happy Birthday to my now teenage daughter!!

She sure is growing up! This past year she decided to get her hair cut shorter, which changed her look quite a bit.

We celebrate this young lady and thank God for giving her to our family!  
What a blessing she is to us all! 
She is very smart. 
She is a self-motivated learner. 
When she has a question, she knows how to use whatever resources are available to find the answer. 
She's a natural born leader.
She has a tender side, especially towards animals. 
She has a servant's heart, 
regularly seeing needs and simply taking care of them. 

Grandma K sent a birthday gift package. We opened it via Skype so she could watch. She received a joke book, tracing paper, graph paper, and a magazine of floor plans.

A few pictures from our birthday bash.

A few of the gifts she received... clothes and a bungee chair. She noted that she's moved beyond childhood now... receiving mostly clothes and non-toy items. She feels so-so about this. 

Happy 13th birthday to you!


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