Baby Boy Turns 11 Months Old


  Here we are again, marking another month of growth! 

This little boy is closing in on his first birthday!

He got a haircut a few days ago - a buzz cut to match his brother's hair. 

At the start of this month, this guy stayed in one place most of the time. Not any more! He is on the go, as a scooter! He doesn't crawl but he scoots on his butt and gets everywhere just fine that way! He now opens cabinets, pulls out all the contents and pinches fingers. 

My two boys sharing a bear hug.

Having a big sister who loves jewelry and bling means that this little man gets dolled up with necklaces often. 
Sorry, buddy! At least he doesn't mind at this point!

I love this picture of him and his big sister on their new little couch. Perfect for the two of them!

We love you so much, Mr. Man! 
Every day is a new adventure, embracing growth and change... as it should be!


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