Sonlight Box Day - 3rd Grade


Box Day is here again... sort of! 

Box Day is the day when our new curriculum arrives. However, as my son is second in line to use this curriculum, we already own it. I did pack it away after my daughter used it 5 years ago, though, and brought it back out now for my son to open and uncover for himself.

Digging for true treasure in the box!

This boy is ready to start 3rd grade. 

We are using this homeschool curriculum from Sonlight. Sonlight is a literature based program, that includes dozens and dozens of great books. This boy of mine has been a reluctant reader (when reading by himself) but he LOVES to be read to. So, at least at the start, I will probably be doing double-duty with him - reading both the read-aloud books and those that are intended for the student to read by himself. 

This year he will be studying American History, Part 1 (of 2). We've already begun reading the first few books about Native Americans. Pocahontas, Squanto, Mayans and Incans and Aztecs. Why wait?! 

Happy Box Day, my son! And may God bless our school year!


Luke Holzmann said...

My mom read many of the readers aloud to me, too. I struggled with the mechanics of reading, so that enabled me to continue to move forward. So... I'm all for that kind of thing! Plus, I eventually graduated Valedictorian from my public high school ... so something clearly worked [smile]. Of course, even in high school, I got many of my honors English books on tape, so it's all about learning how to make learning work for you.

All the best as you go through this program again. May it be even more fascinating this time around!


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