Pregnancy - 40 Weeks


40 weeks along

 I am really big. 
I think I'm waddling with each lumbering step I take.
It's hard to stay on my feet for long.

We're thankful that we've made it into the month of December, which is when our "real" insurance took effect. For most of October and all of November, I was covered with a temporary insurance (that would NOT have covered labor/delivery) and the rest of my family was without any coverage. But now... we're ready!

A day or so ago I had a burst of energy and was able to do some serious nesting. 

I've been craving peanut butter for the last few weeks. 

I continue to have indigestion all day long, regardless of what I eat or avoid eating. I'm up in the night at least twice for a potty break and to sit in the recliner at an incline to help with the middle-of-the-night indigestion. 

I do believe that we're ready for this baby. 
Each last-minute item has been checked off. 
We're ready to welcome you to this side of the world, 
Baby Flutter!


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