Toddler Girl at 18 Months

This little girl is 18 months old.

Here's her most recent portrait.

My 7-year-old son took these snapshots, which turned out great. She was in her 4th-of-July outfit.

Boxes are always so much fun to play in.

This is just such a cute picture with the cheesy grin.

She looks so tall and grown up on the stairs in this picture.

She has gotten 4 new teeth this month - her canines. This has made for a few difficult days, which happened to include her 18-month doctor check up and her 18-month portrait picture-taking session.  

She is always trying new things - walking (not crawling) up the stairs, eating new foods, venturing further in our yard to discover new territory, becoming a little more independent in the church nursery. Her vocabulary is always growing too, as she says new words daily. 

We love watching you grow and discover, Little Miss! 
You remain a joy and delight to our family!


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