Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks Along

This week's theme is ITCHING! It is very common for the stretching belly skin to be itchy. I've got an additional rash on my forearms and in a few other places that are making me VERY ITCHY all over! My midwives aren't concerned at this point and assume it's just a reaction to a change in soap, detergent, etc. I'm not sure what would cause it and it's lasted almost 3 weeks now. So I try to exercise major self control and use anti-itch lotions and oils to bring some relief. 

Baby Inkling, you are worth all of the itching and discomfort that I may experience. I love you so much and am thankful to be able to experience the privilege of pregnancy, such a unique and incredible season of a woman's life! 


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