Trip to Wisconsin


A few weeks ago we took a weekend trip to visit my extended family in Wisconsin.

Here's a festive picture of my clan. 

My mom usually throws a summer party when we come to visit. This year it was a luau theme, so you'll see lots of leis and hawaiian decor. There were also 3 family members turning 40 this year, so there were "over the hill" decorations as well.

Look at these wonderfully dressed up kids!

We had one beautiful sunny day to enjoy outdoor and water fun. 

My oldest daughter on Grandma's playset. 

This is my son and his cousin Trinity, who is very close to his age. They played very well together.

Here's my toddler girl checking out the pool.

The older two kids wanted to see just how big a round hay bale is. Too big to push over, they discovered. And big enough to sit on and see a distance. A beautiful Wisconsin scene.


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