My Oldest Girl


My oldest daughter is nearing 12 years old. 
She is growing into a responsible young lady. 

She still enjoys reading. In this picture, she was reading a book outside while walking around the yard. Her reading load is fairly heavy for school this year so she doesn't have a lot of free time for leisure reading. Recently she started listening to Anne of Green Gables as an audiobook. She's enjoying that. 

Recently she told me that she wanted to do more baking. So she make a two-layered cake and frosted it. A week later, she did so again. Note to self: get her more involved in the kitchen and call it Home Ec.

I can see a lot of growth in her from the last 18 months, since having a baby in the house again. She doesn't change diapers, but she helps in almost every other way with our toddler girl. Every afternoon, I try to nap when the little one does. If I'm still sleeping when she wakes up, big sister will get her up and entertain her until I wake up. I love that! 

This girl still knows how to have fun, though. She still enjoys dressing up on occasion and will be silly and goofy when playing with her younger siblings.

Love you, Bright Eyes, and enjoy watching you grow up!


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