Homeschool: Box Day Again


Another school year is over. We actually just ended this week, which is much later than most public school students or homeschool students. We put in over 190 school days (only 180 are required) but we were itching to finish our curriculum and good books we weren't finished with yet.

But now our focus shifts, as our curriculum for next year has arrived. Box Day is the big day when the boxes arrive from Sonlight. 

My youngest thought the boxes were great for climbing, sitting and laying on. 

But the rest of us were full of anticipation, eager to see all of the new materials and books for next year. 

My 7-year-old son will be using Sonlight officially for the first time, a 2nd grade level called Core B+C, which will provide a broad overview of world history in one year. Here he is with all of his new books and some math linking cubes. 

My 11-year-old daughter (turning 12 soon) will be using a 7th grade level curriculum called Core H, which is year 2 of 2 in a study of world history. She's been using Sonlight for the last 5 years and it's worked very well for us. We really enjoy all of the great books we read together.

Here are the kids with a poster/picture that Sonlight sent as a freebie with our order. Norman Rockwell's "Land of Enchantment" showing two children entering a wonderful land of imagination as they read.

We generally school year-round, which means that we will take a small bit of time off now between "school years" but will then start back up again yet this summer. Having a baby due in September means that we will take a forced break at that time, so I hope to be quite a few weeks into our school year before that. 

This will be my first year teaching 2 "cores" to the kids, which will be challenging. Add to that our toddler and coming baby and I am really not sure how the year will turn out. But I'm ok with that. If we end up taking longer to complete everything, that's ok. I'm also utilizing my oldest daughter's help in teaching her brother, so that will take a small bit off my plate (she's going to be his Science teacher this year; she's so excited about it and is already getting into the teacher's manual to understand the lesson plans, etc). She's also a big help with our toddler and I expect that will continue or increase as we add the new baby. 

So life has some coming challenges. Homeschooling is a challenge. But one of the things I love about it is that we face the challenges together as a family. We'll face it together. We'll come out stronger on the other side. We'll learn through it all and life will go on. 

I am so thankful for the freedom to homeschool. 
I am so thankful for a husband who supports and encourages my efforts in homeschooling. And I am so thankful for the wonderful hours I get to spend with my children, who are a delight and treasure to me. 


Luke Holzmann said...

Happy Box Day! And may you all continue to draw closer together and closer Christ through this amazing opportunity [smile].


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