Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks


Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks Along

I'm into the final trimester now. I feel big, though not yet do I feel terribly uncomfortable. 

This pregnancy is different for me, in that my youngest is only 18 months. I still lift her up and carry her places, including up and down stairs at home. She points to my belly and says "baby" but I know she doesn't understand. She sees me rub lotion on my belly and lifts her shirt for me to rub some on her belly too. 

Goals for the next few weeks include stockpiling small-size diapers; sorting through newborn clothes for both boys and girls to have some of each ready to go; watching what I eat as this is the stage at which my babies grow big if I don't. 

All of our traveling for the summer is now done, as we've taken our big family vacation out east and a smaller trip to Wisconsin to visit family. My focus now turns to nesting at home. 

We love you, Baby Inkling, and are all very excited as we anticipate your arrival!


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