Vacation 2015


Last week our family was able to take a vacation out East. We started in Indiana and went through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. 

Our first stop was at a hotel in Ohio. Our kids insisted that each hotel we stayed at HAD to have a pool. Here was the first one. 

That first evening, we visited friends in Ohio who served us supper. The kids enjoyed playing together in the big backyard.

My littlest girl isn't the last bit shy. She took to everyone we saw on vacation, which was mainly people she'd never seen before. No problem for her. She served up smiles and laughter nonstop. 

She liked playing in this trash can. Yup, a trash can. Crazy kid! 

 Next stop was a hotel in West Virginia - just a halfway point on the way to our next destination in Virginia. Again, the hotel had a pool. (This was very memorable for us, as my hubby took his cell phone INTO the pool by accident. Thankfully, it still worked afterwards. Phew!)

Here are the kids by a scenic overlook in West Virginia. This was the first time any of us had seen the Appalachian Mountains. My hubby agreed that it was beautiful, though he didn't especially like driving through the mountains.


Our destination in Virginia was near Colonial Williamsburg, which we visited with our friends from the area.

These friends have 8 children, ages 11 on down. 6 boys and 2 girls. Here is me, my hubby and our littlest along with Nick, Senja, and their next-to-youngest Katie.

Their Katie took a liking to our "baby" and was being a great "big sister" - handing her cups and toys and giving hugs.

Here are my two girls with their two girls. 
Very similar in age.

Here is my boy with 5 of their 6 boys. 
It was a challenge to keep up with this crew!

Our final stop was to visit friends in Delaware, who took us to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. These friends have 4 girls (and a baby on the way), so it was the opposite of the previous stop with all the boys.

This is what I saw on most of this trip: my oldest daughter in the front with a camera/phone, helping navigate; my son in the backseat playing or sleeping; my youngest daughter next to me, being entertained with whatever toys I gave her.

Almost 2000 miles of driving split between 8 days. 
Great conversations and visits with friends. 
Beautiful scenery as we saw so much of God's creation and the variety we enjoy in America. 
A great vacation with lots of memories made.


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