Toddler Girl at 17 Months


My toddler girl is 17 months old. This month has brought some new discoveries and new challenges. 

She has just now given up her morning nap, transitioning from 2 naps a day to just 1 in the early afternoon. I miss that morning nap already, as it gave me a more productive hour of the day to spend with the other kids. Oh well... she enjoyed playing some math rods while I was working with her older brother. She stayed occupied, putting these in and then out of her little cup for about 15 minutes.

One day she stuck a piece of apple on her foot. 
This was simply hilarious to her. Of course, no one can resist a child's laughter, so then we all were rolling. 

One day she climbed up onto a chair at the big table. We allowed her to eat breakfast there. She thought she was pretty hot stuff!

She loved eating sweet corn on the cob, raw! 

This girl loves boxes (what kid doesn't, right?). She will climb into any box, big or small. She will stuff toys into any box. Definitely a simple but fun toy.

While on vacation, she wore a swimsuit for the first time and enjoyed swimming in a pool. 

One challenge from this month: taking away the beloved pacifier. We allowed it while on vacation but it "went bye bye" afterwards. She had a super rough first week without it, but by the second week had adjusted. She now loves on her two favorite stuffed animals at bedtime instead of the "paci." 

Her vocabulary continues to grow, as she is now putting words together (like "mama shoe" or "meat please"). She has become more adventurous, climbing higher on furniture than ever before, daring to venture further into the yard when we're outside, etc. 

18 months, here we come! 

We love you, Little Miss!


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