Garden Update


We continue to get a good harvest from our garden. 

Here's my daughter with one day's worth of harvest last week. Lots of cherry tomatoes are ripe now. The green beans are still producing, though nearing the end. We've had a few more green bell peppers ready to pick. And cucumbers... do we ever have the cucumbers! I picked 20 in one day last week. 

And I found this ENORMOUS cucumber hiding in the garden, who was obviously overlooked for quite some time.

My husband had fun turning him into Larry the Cucumber, from Veggie Tales.

We harvested all of our corn last weekend, cutting down all of the stalks. That half of the garden now looks mighty bare. We bought some corn at the local farmer's market to supplement what we grew and then spent a day processing all of the corn.

Two pots boiling.

Then the cold water bath and set to dry. 
Then cut it all off the cob.
Then into quart-size freezer bags it goes.
And now we can enjoy sweet corn all winter long! 

I've been processing the green beans little by little throughout the summer, so we will also have green beans to enjoy this winter. 

With all of the cucumbers, I decided to try some quick recipes for making pickles. They turned out ok but I will need to do some research before next summer - if we grow this many cucumbers again, I will definitely learn to make pickles. But it's been nice this year to have enough to give away to neighbors and friends and even sell a few at the veggie stand we've set up in the yard a few times.   

Happy gardening!



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