Weekend Visit


Last weekend my mother and my niece Isabelle came to visit. Isabelle hadn't visited since we moved to our current home 3+ years ago. We had a nice weekend - with the Birthday Party, making homemade pizza together, running errands, going to church, eating brunch at a restaurant, and just hanging out at home. 

Me and my mom - any resemblance?

Smiling mom.

Isabelle really liked playing with our parakeet Weezy.

Here's my daughter and Isabelle rolling out pizza dough.

And the kids working their veggie stand in the front yard, selling peppers and cucumbers from the garden. 
They made $16! 

The girls wanted to be twins for church on Sunday morning - pink dresses, matching nail polish, matching hair styles. They may be cousins but they don't look much alike!

And the 4 of us - mom, me, Isabelle and my daughter - making deviled eggs for the birthday party.

My son was left out of some of the weekend fun. He loved it when Isabelle would sit down and read to him. 

My mom has now made the trip down here from Wisconsin TWICE this year, while we haven't made it up there even once yet. We have a trip planned for a long weekend up that way soon!   


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