Family Photo Friday


It's Friday once again. August is off and running! 

As is my Friday custom, I have a few photos to share.

My son likes to help with yard work. When our neighbor was out with her weed-eater, my son found a hose extension that he pretended was a weed-eater. He's a creative helper!

Here's a close up shot of my son. Lots of folks are commenting on how tall he is getting. He is really growing, as children do.

As much as my boy is growing, he still likes to cuddle with me now and then. I cherish these moments, as I know that they won't last much longer.

One of my daughter's birthday gifts was a matching outfit for her and her American Girl doll.

My daughter had her friend Regan over one day this week. Regan was fascinated with our bird Weezy and was ecstatic when Weezy trusted her enough to hop on her finger for a ride. 

My birthday was on Tuesday. One of the things I promised my mom was that I'd wear this small birthday balloon in my hair for the day. And I did.

I hope your week was great. Maybe next week will be even better! If you've still got items on your summer bucket-list - like I do - now is the time to get them scheduled and done. Summer will be over before we know it!


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