A Gold Medal for My Man


You thought the Olympics were over. Think again! 
My husband just won a gold medal in the all-around competition.

Employee: He's made it to the 5-year mark with his current job. He often goes in a little early or stays a little late, just to finish a task, even though it's not required. He's committed to "a job well done" and his work ethic is commendable. 

Student: Last week he wrapped up his summer classes (working towards his MA in Library Science). Summer classes are tough - the equivalent of a 13-week course packed into 6 weeks of intense study. He took 2 classes this summer and did very well in both of them. Way to go!   

 Daddy: Despite being busy with work and school studies, this man finds time for what really matters! The kids know that when Daddy gets home, he'll have time to talk with them about their day and play with a few toys or read a few books with them. He's active and engaged as a dad. 

Marriage: Speaking of what really matters, he keeps our marriage as a top priority. Emailing and calling throughout the day to stay in touch, leaving time for heart-to-heart talks in the evenings and stepping up to help lighten my load at home whenever he can earns him a 10 out of 10 in this category! 
Handyman: This is an extra category thrown in simply because he wears this hat so well too. He spent a day helping clean out the basement this week. For cleaning window wells, killing spiders and moving heavy furniture, he scored highly. In addition, he recently saved the family thousands by installing new brakes and a catalytic converter on our vehicle by himself. Very, very impressive.

You have earned that gold medal, dear! 
Thanks for being such a stellar guy!


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