Garden Update


Time for another garden update. Yesterday was our biggest garden harvest yet - 6 cups of green beans, 2 banana peppers, 2 green bell peppers, and 5 large cucumbers. 

To walk through the garden... well, it's a bit out of control. The cucumbers have taken over and cover the ground entirely in their section of the garden. The cantaloups are the same - hard to even find a place to step there.  

We have had much more moderate temps lately and rain has fallen about every-other-day. The garden has loved it all and is growing very well. 

We have a few cantaloups that will be ripe soon. 

We have corn that is almost ripe. We've tried a few ears but they aren't ripe yet. 

We have a lot of tomatoes on the vines but they are staying green. When they ripen, we'll have plenty of those to share.

The beans and peppers just keep coming. We've been eating green beans a few times a week and I've been blanching and freezing the rest. 

Lesson from the garden: yes, there is a lot of produce in the garden, but also there are a lot of bugs. Recently when I've been picking veggies, I've gotten bitten by bugs and spiders. So although it's warm out, I'm sporting a light jacket to cover my arms as I reach over, under, into, and through to pick those veggies.


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