Wisconsin Luau



We traveled to Wisconsin for the long holiday weekend and we attended a luau! Last year my mother took the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. Ever since she's wanted to throw a luau party back in Wisconsin, for the family. Last Saturday she did it and it was a lot of fun!

My mom had purchased Hawaiian accessories for everyone to wear... at least for some pictures. 

Here's my mom, ready for the party.

Our family picture 

My hubby and daughter looking very festive. 

Most of the party was outdoors. There was a pool for the kids. There were bubbles and scooters and sidewalk chalk and many other options for the kids to stay busy. The adults sat around, reminiscing and laughing hard. My hubby was the exception for a few minutes while he got into the pool with our son.

Here's a picture of my mom with 10 of her grandchildren. My two are sitting on the bench side-by-side.

  Here I am with my 3 brothers - Brian, Todd and Brett.

We also paid my dad a visit on the farm. The kids enjoyed a tractor ride, 4-wheeler ride and got to see inside Uncle Brett's semi-truck! 

Here they are driving the tractor with Grandpa. 

And the 4-wheeler ride down the road, through the pasture, through a field and back. Yahoo!

My little man was especially impressed with the semi! 

And my hubby... well, he was impressed with the lawn mower. :-)

It was a wonderful visit with my family. It felt relaxed, with no tensions, and we were able to see everyone we'd hoped to see. I thank God for my family and the memories we share.


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