Field Trip: Amish Acres


Recently we enjoyed a field trip to Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana.  Amish Acres is a great place to visit to learn a bit about the Amish culture and step back to experience life in simpler times. 

The field trip included a visit to an old-time blacksmith shop.

This man explained how the Amish would make apple butter over an open fire.

We toured an old-time Amish house and discussed a lot about Amish culture, clothing, day-to-day routines and traditions. We saw a smoke-house (used for meats), a drying house (used for drying vegetables or fruits, much like a dehydrator is used today), and a huge outside brick oven that could bake over a dozen loaves of bread at once!

We also visited an Amish schoolhouse. 

It wasn't all educational. There were fun and games too. Everyone enjoyed the straw maze. 

There was even pumpkin bowling. 

We took a wagon ride around the farm, which was the highlight for my son.

At the end of the field trip, we visited the gift shop. My daughter found an Amish outfit for her American Girl doll that was in her price range, so she snatched it up. 
An Amish American Girl doll - that's something you don't see every day!

This field trip was organized by the co-op we are part of and it was another benefit of homeschoolers joining together to experience the same great field trips that elementary school students enjoy.

I find learning about the Amish to be fascinating. I admire their commitment to living out their beliefs despite persecution, despite the fact that the majority of people think they are crazy. Amish Acres provided a perfect opportunity to talk with my daughter about what we believe and why, about some of the choices we make and why. 

Once again I say, "Hooray for field trips!"


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