Garden Update


It's the middle of September already. Some of our garden veggies are done, while others are still going strong. 

Our green beans surprise me by continuing to produce very well. Green peppers are doing well also. But our biggest current producer: cherry tomatoes. We pick at least one bowlful daily and sometimes more. We share these with anyone and everyone!  And we still have enough left over to enjoy snacking on them all day and adding them to a salad with supper.

No picture of the cantaloupe, but we've eaten a few more of them recently and still have a handful getting close to ripe in the garden.  

No picture of the broccoli either, but it continues to produce very small heads. I cut these off every few days and more grow back. What I harvest is not even enough for 1 serving, so we eat it with other veggies too. 

Thought for next year: consider planting the broccoli in a flower bed around the house. It's a big green leafy plant that looks similar to sedum, in my opinion. Around the house would take less space in the garden - it is a big plant, with very little that's edible - and it's hardy enough to grow in any soil. It doesn't have to have the tilled in, compost-rich soil in the garden. 

Here's broccoli. 

Here's sedum - low to the ground in this picture, but does grow up taller too.

My philosophy - why plant just nice-looking plants if you can plant nice-looking plants that are also edible?! I'll keep that in mind as I plan next year's garden.  

The cucumbers made it through last week. Now the plants are turning brown, shriveling up and dying. My daughter hates to see them stop producing - she loved to eat cucumbers straight from the vine, skin and all, as a snack while she was playing outdoors. 

We found this tree frog in the garden on more than one occasion this summer. He's tiny - half the size of my thumb - and lives on my green bean plants. 
I plan to share at least 1 more update, along with some overall lessons learned from our experimental first-year garden.  

Happy last-days of Gardening!


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