Checking In: April Update


Now that April is over, I wanted to post an update on the month's progress towards my 2011 goals. This blog is an accountability partner, in a way. And knowing that I have to post an update helps keep me on track! Thank you, readers, for helping me stick to it and get a few steps closer to my goals!

Spiritual goal: read through the Bible in one year. I am a few days behind in my reading, but generally I've been keeping up with it. As always, I'm amazed at God's timing. Even when I'm reading something "scheduled" for a particular day, it often lines up so well with something else going on in my life or is just what I needed to read to encourage me in some situation. I'm currently reading in the Old Testament book of Judges, the New Testament book of Luke, and one Psalm and a couple of Proverbs each day. My daughter continues to read through her Bible-in-One-Year also, which is very motivating to me - I want to keep up with her!

Physical Goal: become more physically fit.
I had a good month of exercise in April. I was on the treadmill 15 out of 30 days, fast-walking for 30 minutes. I was also more active in general, carrying a lot of boxes up and down stairs and going for a few bike rides with my kids. I know that I've lost at least 10 pounds so far this year. I rarely step on a scale, but occasionally do check. Sometime this summer I will have an official check at the doctor's office, during which time they will also check my cholesterol (this is what I am most concerned about).

Growth goal: exercise self-control, especially in the area of anger management. I can't say I've seen a lot of progress here. There have been some ups, but it seems there are just as many downs! Some days my husband says I am a model of patience and self-control, yet I always think to myself "Well, you didn't see me early today when I failed so miserably!" Maybe I expect too much of myself. Or maybe I'm just being honest about an area I struggle with and in which I want to see more victories. I know that it's more about what is in my heart than just my outward actions, so I continue to pray for a heart change and for the Holy Spirit fruit to grow in my life. That is a prayer you can join me in!

Hoping that I can give a wonderful progress report at the end of May!

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