10,000 Small Resolutions

I recently read the article here.

I loved this because Paul Tripp put into words what I've thought for a long time. I'm all about setting goals and have no problem with New Year's Resolutions. The new year is a great time to evaluate where we're at and where we want to be. But making a statement in January doesn't get you any closer to that goal. It's the daily carrying out of baby steps that gets us there - not one big dramatic statement of resolution.

It is 10,000 moments of me holding my tongue when I want to speak a harsh word.
It is 10,000 times of speaking in a soft tone and not yelling at my kids when their toys are left out on the floor again.
It is 10,000 steps of obedience and faith.

It is how we live our lives each day that matters. What baby steps will you take today to achieve your big goals?


I am seeing my doctor today to discuss my high cholesterol to brainstorm ways to lower it... one of my physical goals for 2011.

I am reading a few chapters of the Bible each day to accomplish my goal of reading through the Bible in 2011... one of my spiritual goals for this year.

I am working on exercising self-control throughout the day, keeping my tongue and frustration in check. I hope to see improvement in this area of personal growth in 2011.

I challenge you to not just set goals, but to find baby steps that can be incorporated into your daily life to achieve those goals over time. 10,000 moments will get you there!


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