Family Photo Friday


Friday is here once again and it signals the end of January 2011 already! One month of the new year already gone. My, oh my!

As is my usual Friday custom, I'll share a few photos from our week.

Being from Wisconsin, I am the proud owner of a cheese hat. My son knows where this hat is kept and asks almost daily if he can wear it. He is clueless about the Packers and the Super Bowl and all... but being a cheese-head just seems to be in his blood or something. :-)

My kids received these magnetic "stixs and balls" for Christmas. This week they discovered they could make a huge spiderweb out of them, hanging them from the bunk above my son's bed. It's the prettiest spiderweb I've ever seen, that's for sure!

This is my 7-year-old daughter, just looking beautiful and picture-worthy!

One of the "chores" my daughter has each day is to read a book or two to her little brother. This, of course, is good for her to practice reading outloud but also good for him to be read to. Here they are both looking at Dr. Seuss books.

Happy Friday to one and all!


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