Family Photo Friday


Another Friday is here again. I didn't take many pictures this week, but here are a few. Turns out my daughter was completely left out of the pictures this week. I'll try to even it out next week.

We have had major amounts of snow this week, including 2 feet that fell last Saturday alone! Here was my husband making a path with the snowblower and my son looking on (very thankful for the path, because he couldn't walk in the snow otherwise).

One of the gifts my children received for Christmas were these magnetic "stix and balls." Very fun to create shapes and objects with these. Someone realized that the light fixture above our dining room table is magnetic. So here is the colorful chandelier we created.

This is my son - the cool dude!
A sun visor and sunglasses on a snowy January day. :-)
My son received a magnetic fishing set for Christmas. He was catching fish on the living room floor from the piano bench.

Happy Friday to one and all!


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