We are trying our hand at more homemade things in an effort to eat healthier and to save money (it's a beautiful thing when those two can be done at the same time!)

Last weekend we tried homemade yogurt using this recipe. This turned out great and we've been enjoying some healthy and delicious yogurt each day. Mixing it with fresh fruit and/or grape nuts is a filling breakfast!

We made 8 homemade pizza crusts to freeze and use throughout the month.

We made bread-machine buttery rolls using this recipe from Money Saving Mom. These were very good fresh with butter or honey drizzled on top. They didn't save well, so it's best to make enough for one meal at a time.

Last weekend we tried our hand at homemade noodles using this recipe from AllRecipes.com These turned out well, though we need to roll them a little thinner next time. Homemade chicken and noodles was a hit with the entire family!

And lastly, we made homemade pop tarts using this recipe from heavenly homemakers! These were surprisingly easy to make and even without using wheat flour, they are healthier than Kellogg's Pop Tarts. We enjoyed them as a dessert with one meal this week.

Have you tried making anything homemade lately?


Anonymous said...

Can't rave enough about this yogurt. It's sweeter and creamier than store-bought yogurt (I've never liked the tart-tasting, spoon-plopping effect of store-bought yogurt). It's also way less expensive and more filling. Here's a tip: it gets easier to make the second time around. We've got prep time down to around 10-15 minutes (faster than a trip to the local grocier). One of our best value/taste-tested finds yet!


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