Christmas Recap

Hello 2011! We are finally back home and fully recovered from our Christmas travels. 4 major Christmas celebrations spread out over 8 days - two happening here at our Indiana home and two in Wisconsin. I'll share a few Christmas 2010 photos.

This is my 7-year-old daughter with her gifts on Christmas morning, prior to opening them. As a family, we keep Christmas gift-giving simple. We give 3-4 gifts per person and that's it. This helps us live out our belief that Christmas is not primarily about gifts and what you get.

Both my kids here are showing off their new bathrobes. Our house is cold in the winter so these were a GREAT idea for both kids!

My son had a big blue bow on one gift, which he promptly put on his head. :-) I am in complete agreement - he makes a great gift!

My son with some of his gifts - little animal set.

Lastly, a family photo taken at my mother's house in Wisconsin. Not a great shot, but it was the best of 4!

My mother was recently given a video that an uncle put together with footage from family Christmases from the 1950s through the 1970s. What a treasure to see, all these years later! Watching that with my mom made me pull out our video camera and take more footage this year. Photos are nice, but what a joy to see the kids and hear their little voices again after they are all grown.

Now it's back to reality. Back to homeschooling. Back to the waiting game, as we wait for a call for another foster placement. Back to life as usual... or not as usual. I'm spending some time praying through some goals for 2011 - personally, financially, spiritually. I want to be intentional with the days I'm given, growing more in Christ-likeness and holiness rather than just wasting my life.

May 2011 be a year of growth for all of us!


curtis03 Lewis said...

What great Christmas bash recap! I am so pleased that you shared these details and the photos here. We also attended Christmas special dinner party at some local event space NYC. That was super fun and enjoyable and we all had great time over there.

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