Works for Me Wednesday - Christmas Card Prayer List

Christmas is over. Sniff. Sniff.

I hate taking down the decorations. I hate throwing out the Christmas cards, pictures and letters. And so began our annual tradition of praying through our Christmas Card list.

Whenever we're ready to start taking down the decorations, we start praying. We take one card/picture down each day and pray specifically for that person or family. [Yes, we hang up all of our cards on a wall, but whatever you do to save your cards will work just fine].

If they took the time to pick out, write in, address, stamp and mail a card to us, is taking a minute or two to pray for them really too much to ask?

This year I've added another layer to it. In addition to praying for the folks, I'm also trying to write a small note (or email) to each one on the day we're praying for them. This will encourage them and let them know that at least today someone was lifting them up in prayer.

This tradition does a few things that I love:

  • I can help model the importance of prayer for others to my children
  • We have a physical reminder of folks to pray for
  • The holidays seem to last well into January by keeping our cards up longer
  • People are lifted up in prayer to the Lord and encouraged to know that we care
So start a new tradition of prayer today!

[Works for Me Wednesday... I'm a day late, I know. But this is my day-late Works for Me Wednesday post. Better late than never!]


Stephanie said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

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