Menu Plan Monday


It's Monday. I am trying to get back into the routine of having a menu plan for the week before the craziness really kicks in. This week instead of the actual recipes planned out, I'm going with the following basic framework. My hubby's been finding lots of new recipes for us to try out so this week will include some of those.

Monday - pasta or casserole
Tuesday - something with beef (or venison, as we have a lot of ground venison my dad gave us over Christmas that we use instead of beef)
Wednesday - crockpot
Thursday - either tuna something or breakfast for supper
Friday - something with chicken
Saturday - hamburger helper type of dish with beef or venison
Sunday - leftover buffet

As usual, we are working off our pantry/storage stash. We try to stock up when we can get items free or super cheap. This week's meals will come from what we already have on hand. So far this month, we have been able to spend under $150 on food and might just stay within our $250 food budget for this month (this would be a new "low" for us; can't keep it this low every month, but we want to see if we can do it).

Do you have a plan? Meals don't just make themselves... get a plan together based on ingredients you already have on hand. And "bon appetit" this week! :-)


Anonymous said...

One of the least expensive meals we do as a family is taking a whole chicken and putting it breast down in the crock pot and letting it cook overnight (10 hours or so). Then debonning it and saving the chicken broth it creates. Putting that in a big stock pot, add water and chicken bouillion, salt & pepper. Then make home made noodles with eggs and flour - cut and stir in. Total meal approx $5 with plenty of leftovers that can be froze.

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