Super Savings Saturday


It was a crazy week at our house, so I didn't spend much time on saving money (I was trying to save my sanity) :-)

I did pick up two free photo collages from Walgreens. Every few months they will have a coupon code that makes these completely free. Last weekend there were two codes, so you could get two 8x10 photo collages completely free (if you picked them up at your nearest Walgreens store). These are handy for your own scrapbooks or albums, or for giving to grandparents or other friends. You choose your own digital photos, the title, the background color... all done online. Each collage is regularly priced at $3.99, so getting it free - it's a good deal!

I didn't leave my house a lot this week. Honestly, I was scared to... with 4 little children in tow! But staying home is a serious money-saving strategy! The minute you walk out the door, you will be met with marketing and ad campaigns designed to make you feel that you "need" to go buy products to make you happy. Those ads coupled with your own desires for stuff will cause you to be tempted to buy items that you may not need at all.

Now, our home is not completely free from all marketing either (think websites, magazine ads, direct mailings, etc). However, if I keep my feet at home, I will not be tempted to walk down more aisles, stick more stuff into my shopping cart or buy food or drinks to satisfy my hunger. Keeping busy at home saves us money!

Happy Saving!


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