Homeschool: Using Sonlight, 3rd Grade


I mentioned before that 2nd grade was a real struggle for my daughter. Although she loves to read, she hates school. We decided to try an entirely different approach for 3rd grade. We will be using a curriculum called Sonlight, that is literature-based. Since my daughter loves to read and we enjoy reading books together aloud, this approach might help her rekindle that love of learning. Sonlight has a "love to learn" guarantee - that if we try their materials for 18 weeks and don't love it, we can return them for a 100% refund. They claim that their approach is "the way you wish you'd been taught." So we are taking them up on their challenge and going to see if they can win us over!

We ordered a huge kit that contains everything we need for 3rd grade. The boxes arrived last week. It felt a lot like Christmas, receiving these big boxes with over 70 items we'll use for 3rd grade - mostly books, but also a few CDs, DVDs, science kits, maps and markers, timelines, etc.

Sonlight makes a big deal about Box Day (the day that your box or boxes arrive).
You can watch a brief video about it here.

Here are my kids helping unpack the boxes.
A shot of my table, with everything unpacked and stacked. It was quite a job to make sure everything from the packing list was included (and it was).

The Sonlight boxes containing all of our books can be made into a castle. My kids loved this!
I need to familiarize myself with the new materials before we will begin 3rd grade. My goal is to start around June 1st (we always school year-round, taking breaks as we need them). I'll share updates as we go to see if Sonlight lives up to its claims and helps us all "love to learn."


Anonymous said...

How do you like sonlight? My daughter has been in public school ..she will be in 3 rd grade. shes hated school since kindergarten, but loves reading and arts. Im looking into homeschool but there are so many curriculums to choose from!

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