Kid Funnies


They say that laughter is good medicine. Here are a few "funnies" from recent days with my kiddos. Laugh away!

  • While visiting my husband's parents, we paid a visit to the room of Great Grandma Hart. She is my husband's grandma who is now bedridden and lives with my husband's parents. Both my kids went in with me to say hello to Grandma Hart. I picked up her hand and stroked it gently while I talked to her. My son saw me doing this and tried to give her hand a few pats but missed her hand and patted her belly instead. Grandma's eyes opened wide and she said "Oh! I'm being burped!"
  • My son now refers to my mom as "Tractor Grandma," after spending some time with her last month. She lives in Wisconsin and has lots of tractors to play with. So now we talk to Tractor Grandma on the phone, receive packages from Tractor Grandma and pray for Tractor Grandma.
  • For many months now my son has referred to his belly button as his tummy button. This is what is hungry or full of food, as well as what hurts when has a tummy ache. Just so you know, this is also where babies come from - the mama's tummy button.
  • Pointing to a picture of people cleaning, my son says "This man is dustpanning and this one is brooming."
  • After feeling daddy's chin, my son said it was rough. Then he felt my chin and said it was like rubber. Thanks, son!
  • While driving on the interstate, my son said to me "Mom, see that truck up there! Race it!"
  • My boy knows that horns are what make noise on a car or a truck. Seeing a picture of a dinosaur, he pointed to its head and said "What that?" I told him those were horns. He covered his hears, assuming they would be making a loud blast at any moment!
  • At Christmastime, we sang Silent Night. My daughter joined in with "round yon surgeon mother and child." Betcha didn't know Mary was a surgeon, did ya?
  • My daughter was carrying a kids chair through the room, saying "Get the over-sized load sign out! I've got a big chair coming through!"
  • "After moms have babies, their tummies get spongy"
  • Talking about "idle hands," my daughter told me that her hands get a punishment whenever they are idle for too long. They get all tingly, like they are being pricked to get back to work!
  • Seeing a picture of a mostly white cow with a red dot on its forehead, my daughter informed us that it must be a Hindu cow.
  • My daughter regularly declares that after giving a big "mu-wah" kiss to her Aunt Karen (who has false teeth) that she sees a little sticker inside Aunt Karen's mouth that says "Made in China"
Enjoy some laughs today!


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